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Samuel peter

I am a graduate from biochemistry department. Am a writer with experience in crypto space.

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Samuel peter


How to choose the most profitable bounty campaigns?

12 Aug 2019 nejibens

12 August 2019
I like your post, it is helpful.

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Dead Musician/Live Person. Older brother of the world. Freelance editor. Banana Rat Goddess.


I am involved in the crypto world for around 5 years, and I have good knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Briefly, I can easily distingue the most promising ICO projects, which have good potential.

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My real name is Cynthia Turcotte. I am the CEO & Co-Founder @ International editor @ Crypto enthusiast, writer, SEO expert, WordPress developer. Tabletop paper-and-dice RPG gamer, sci-fi fan and movie buff.