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05/01/2020 Actuality on RIPLLE(XRP) : XRP MARKET sentiment - Ripple SOLD 100 MILLIONS XRP in DECEMBER

5 Jan 2020 Digital Asset Thinker - Digital Economy

05 January 2020
In my opinion Ripple isn't one of the best coins out there just because the company detains a lot of coins, the majority. I believe the should be the market to drive the price, not just one big player. On the other hand in he past two or three years whales have accumulated a lot of BTC as well and at the moment the market is driven by a few big players. I have noticed that Ripple has gradually reduced the Marketing Campaign on XRP and I think it's a good thing. Now Ripple Labs can focus on how to make XRP marketable and usable. Will there be another big dump? Who knows? Hard to make predictions at the moment. I believe we are still in the accumulation phase, which means pumps and dumps can happen at any time, without any clear market signal.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP - 2019 Market Wrap-Up & January 2020 Price Prediction!

31 Dec 2019 CryptoChartWizard91

03 January 2020
Nice article, quite template style, but efficient.

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