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How Recent Loopring's Update Will Save DeFi

4 Sep 2020 kevW!ls0n

06 September 2020
It's an ERC20 token so you can use most wallets that support those, I recommend MetaMask.

You've Never Seen this Before - A Messenger without Limits!

29 May 2020 CED

30 May 2020
How much does whatsapp pay you per hour?

BlockFi - Avoid or Use?

28 May 2020 johnwege

29 May 2020
For reference, you can also withdraw a stablecoin for free. 1x Free Crypto & 1x Free Stablecoin withdrawal per month.

BlockFi - Avoid or Use?

28 May 2020 johnwege

28 May 2020
Im mainly using Celsius network and Blockfi, its very unfortunate to see that my account was also affected by this. I really hope they come up with some kind of compensation for it, although the price of privacy is hardly payable in my opinion.

Make Extra Passive Income Aside Publish0x With Me

21 May 2020 Dominus1

25 May 2020
By the way great job at handling critic and feedback, just delete what you dont like to see, very smart!

Make Extra Passive Income Aside Publish0x With Me

21 May 2020 Dominus1

25 May 2020
So you are saying that the ETH Telegram bot is paying huh? Checked it out and nope, after doing all the steps and reaching minimum withdrawal, it prompts me to "Upgrade" my account at the cost of 0.125ETH. This very much shows how credible it is. Sad to see people promote scams for a couple of bucks.

Review: Ether Kingdoms... it might just be quicker to dig your own grave

22 Jan 2020 X-51

23 May 2020
So which crypto games currently out can you actually kind of recommend? I know right that we havent even touched the pubic hair of crypto-gaming but there still should be at least something, right?

How BlockFi is Compensating SOME Users For The Personal Data Breach - And Not Others

21 May 2020 Wantandable

23 May 2020
Thank you for this. I don't think I would've found out about this if it wasn't for you. I think a compensation is the least they can do but at least they are being transparent and honest about it.

Simple Steps To Download And Register Brave Browser Publisher To Earn Over $1000 A Month

22 May 2020 Dominus1

22 May 2020
Your like / dislike ratio says it all, its very hard for the common user to earn anywhere close that much with brave. I am not trying to insult in any way, just letting you know that you lose credibility by doing stuff like that, especially in Crypto. Take it as constructive criticism.

Simple Steps To Download And Register Brave Browser Publisher To Earn Over $1000 A Month

22 May 2020 Dominus1

22 May 2020
That is like a hardcore exaggeration of the earnings, impacts your credibility.

Make Extra Passive Income Aside Publish0x With Me

21 May 2020 Dominus1

22 May 2020
Typical Pyramid scheme, ofc they payout. Most Pyramid schemes pay out at the beginning with the money of others.

Uphold Review- BAT Native wallet

15 May 2020 Bhaskar Raj

16 May 2020
To say the least and be honest I find uphold to be "bullshit". BAT would be way better of using another Exchange as their main one.

Staked Wallet: A Very well planned Ponzi Scheme?

30 Apr 2020 LiteLiger

01 May 2020
One should never believe in such rates and especially free money. Even more in the crypto scene were crimes are hardly punishable.

Why I am hooked with Splinterlands.

26 Apr 2020 Rajat G

27 April 2020
For how long have you been playing and did you invest anything? Whats your collection worth now? I really wonder If I should get into this, sure sounds interesting, thank you for the post.

$300 in Prizes: My First Trade on DEX Exchange - Update: Now 0 Fees on DEX Registration!

21 Apr 2020 Igor Tomić

25 April 2020
I have participated and received my $5, thanks a lot for this amazing contest, without It I probably never would‘ve given it a try because of all the network fees. I contacted the support in order to participate without letting the internet know my ETH address.

$300 in Prizes: My First Trade on DEX Exchange - Update: Now 0 Fees on DEX Registration!

21 Apr 2020 Igor Tomić

24 April 2020
Damn do you really hate metamask that much, why so?

Why the digital EURO should use Ethereum and not centralized Ripple as its backbone.

10 Apr 2020 Writerblock

11 April 2020
First answer when you google "is ripple centralized": “The Ripple system appears to be centralized for all practical purposes. ... Ripple is based on an “inherently decentralized and democratic consensus mechanism that no party can control”. Ripple is even much more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ethereum, where a handful of mining lords have control over the blockchain.

Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (March Report)

8 Apr 2020 costanza

09 April 2020
I currently don't have much to invest so I would start of with only the summoners spellbook. Should I do that or wait until I have enough funds to start of with a good collection? Never played this game but it sure sounds interesting because of the roi.

DeFi | BlockFi First Impression

7 Apr 2020 costanza

08 April 2020
Great post! I am kind of new to crypto lending as well and started off with Blockfi and Celsius Network. I have diversified my lending portfolio onto these two platforms and can only say that I am impressed with some of the features they offer, on Celsius Network your earned interest gets paid every Monday in either the currency which you earned it from, or in CEL token, their own coin. Withdrawals and deposits are free and really really quick. I use blockfi as well because it allows me to earn interest in the currency of my choosing. Celsius Network is currently only avaiable as an app on your phone so if you think about using it I would appreciate it a lot if you could use my code: or just the code 195790be6b They offer anyone using a referral code and depositing $200 worth of crypto, free $10 in Bitcoin which will be locked for 30 days to earn interest on.

Is Play to Earn feasible? A closer look at Crypto Gamings biggest promise

6 Apr 2020 Khazrakh

08 April 2020
Awesome article, I love it. You are the first person I followed on this platform, keep it up!

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