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Telx launched worlds first crypto backed sim wallet

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Cryptocurrency backed mobile and tele communications company telx technologies announced launch of first cryptocurrency backed sim card that will send transition to other users thru Sms. According to a medium post of telx technologies the sim card ca...

Bithumb sets new Requirements for cryptocurrency

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South koreas one of the Largest Cryptocurrency exchange bithumb recently announced they will list cryptocurrency project on their platform based on community voting Bithumb will launch a new commitee to select cryptocurrency project that will qualify...

Facebook cryptocurrency libra facing pressure from watchdogs

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Early this year social media giant facebook announced they will launch their own cryptocurrency called libra that will replace almost all financial payment method and will be backed and controlled by facebook itself But, one thing was unclear from th...

Winkloves Twins Talk about bitcoin as Investment

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Billionaire bitcoin bull Winklevos Twins and Founder of gemini exchange says their partnered Retail business are getting into bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faster than ever. On Aug 22 Winklevos twins gave their prediction about bitcoin price, futu...

Litecoin mining power fallen after the new halving

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Litecoin is the 5th largest cryptocurrency according to coin marketcap and its Minable Recently the litecoin foundation conducted a update on the litecoin blockchain and made few changes. Many people are mining litecoin for living. Litecoin miners ar...

Coinbase enable Dapp features for its Ethereum wallet

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Coinbase is a leading Fiat to cryptocurrency exchange. Recently they launched a Ethereum Based multiple token wallet for users Coinbase CTO Tweeted Coinbase will implement Dapp features for its Ethereum Erc -20 Wallet. Coinbases decentralized web fea...

Palestine people using bitcoin more than terrorists illegally

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Bitcoin is well known is more it's Anonymous features and made it a favourite payment method for hackers and Terrorists Ethnic use of bitcoin is more popular than any other payment system among people in Palestine. A research showed that some offices...

How blockchain is changing the Gaming Industry

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Blockchain is More than Cryptocurrency now. It's being used in multiple platform and for multiple occasions. Gaming is one of them. Blockchain technology has changed the way of gaming. Gaming company might need to make a few change to make their deve...

Kraken adds Bat and Waves on their trading platform

2 days ago 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.17 tipped

American Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken About to add Bat and Waves on their trading platform Recently kraken Announced that users will be able to deposit bat and waves from today and will be able trade those 2 assets from Auguest 22. Kraken will add...

Top 3 books to learn about blockchain and investing in cryptocurrency

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People's interest has raisen alot for cryptocurrency in recent years. People are investing in different cryptocurrency and blockchain based firm now. Blockchain Industry is not different from Any other Industry. To succeed in blockchain industry by i...