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End to End encryption : What and why is it so popular?

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Nowdays, End to end encryption technology has become really popular in both technology field and silicon Valley Major tech companies such as Google (Alo) , Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat uses this technology in their product for securing the data transferre...

Ripple backed firm sendfriend claims to save 80% while sending remittances

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Ripple backed blockchain firm Sendfriend claims to save 80% fee while sending remittances According to a blog post by send friend on Dec 12 they claimed this and was published on their official blog Sendfriend is a blockchain based firm that uses rip...

Binance supports latin American fiat gateways

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World's Largest cryptocurrency exchange (by volume) has interagated latin fiat gateways on the platform The malta based exchange will now support fiat deposits and withdrawal in major gateways from latin countries  According to one blog report by bin...

5 ways to keep your information safe on internet

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After the innovation of computers and era of smartphones everything started to become digital From food to clothes or living to education everything has become digital and more advanced than before In between all of this we forget about our privacy a...

China records 66% of total global hashrate mining

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China is one of world's largest economy now and also have adopted blockchain and crypto projects massively One report showed that 2/3 of mining power to bitcoin comes from Asia's this big country Chinese bitcoin miners are responsible for 66% hashrat...

Keepkay Wallet has a Major flaw - Says Kraken

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Famous Crypto exchange Kraken found a flaw ok hardware crypto wallet provider keepkay wallet Recently Kraken exchange posted about this flaw of keepkay wallet on their latest blogpost The Exchange Security Wings also wrote that they found a flaw that...

Blockchain Supply chain - How does it works and why does it matters?

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Blockchain is a urging technology made famous by world's first cryptocurrency named bitcoin The popularity and adoption of blockchain technology is raising faster than any other cryptocurrency including bitcoin itself In the year 1991 the concept of...

Private browsing - Is it really Safe?

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Private browsing is a method of browsing where you can keep your tracking data secure and secret from other One of the main key features of private tab or private browsing is that it doesn't store your passwords on any site neither browsing history I...

Bank of china Issued blockchain based financial bonds

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China is one of world's largest Economy. Recently China's Adoption towards Blockchain and blockchain based technology made big headlines The adoption of this technology has grained alot of attention from foriegn media's and countries The rate of bloc...

Crypto exchange Okex will open options trading

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Malta Based Bitcoin and Crypto currency Exchange okex announced to launch Option trading on the platform The exchange addressed to open this feature on the platform by December 27,2019 On a Press release on December 7, Okex told the press the news of...