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Top Things You Should Know About Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

10 Nov 2020 MuyAsk

14 November 2020
Keep on hording those OCEAN!

My 4 altcoins of the month. (This is not financial advice you have to DYOR)

14 Nov 2020 RJAllDayTV

14 November 2020
Thanks that's exactly what I think to. :)

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #16]

9 Nov 2020 Brawnd0

10 November 2020
Have your really read up on the SNX staking system? It's a bit special but if learned can give good APY close to 40% think it was at 38%or some.

Someone just paid 23.5 ETH in fees for a $120 transaction via Metamask

5 Nov 2020 ircrp

05 November 2020
Oh shit... damn that was a downgrade in tokens.

Geyser (GYSR) — Build Your Own Yield Farm!

31 Oct 2020 GabrielHaines

01 November 2020
Geyser price today is $0.00 with a 24-hour trading volume of $0.00. It has a circulating supply of coins and a max supply of 10 Million.

What an F'ing Useless Token! Uniswap is getting a bit crazy

30 Oct 2020 Derpitor

31 October 2020
Haha I want to get updated on your experiment 😂

How to stake Zilliqa (ZIL) on Atomic Wallet

30 Oct 2020 PVMihalache

31 October 2020
U don’t need to use atomic I stake mine using Zill wallet

Don't miss this FREE NFT Airdrop

26 Oct 2020 RJAllDayTV

27 October 2020
Think so but can never be sure but one scam airdrop i know about is the Potcoin one shared by scam acound @Potcoins_ on twitter so watch out for that one bother!

Torum - Get Paid For Your Content & Social Media Engagements

15 Sep 2020 Sapphire

16 September 2020
Thanks for letting me know about this site!

Pi is the crypto that can be mined from your phone

13 Sep 2020 kodi0014

14 September 2020
Thx used your code! :D

$1 million in BTC to hack Tesla

6 Sep 2020 Roberto D.

10 September 2020
Aa good read. :)

TOP Things You Should Know About Loopring and LRC

3 Mar 2020 MuyAsk

09 September 2020
Nice article, very good writen. ++

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Binance Launchpool: How to farm UNIFI Protocol DAO (UNFI)

14 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments PVMihalache

Hope everyone enjoyed the Friday.... Friday 13th 2020.... Binance launched their 8th project on the Launchpool, the UNIFI Protocol  DAO (UNFI). UNFI is a multi-chain, smart-contract based DeFi solution linked to UNIFI DEFI. The farming started today...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - ΛZMΛRÉ Harpoonist

12 Nov 2020 5 minute read comments Chris Roberts

A spoon or a harpoon,Which would I rather hold?A spoon, it must be filled,And the soup is always cold.A spoon requires giving,And I've never been so bold.So give me a harpoon,So that my family be fed,And help me catch a fishWith my harpoon. -Harpooni...

Kusama - Why It Has Been One Of My Best Altcoin Picks In 2020!

11 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

Holding Strong Kusama has performed exceptionally well during 2020 and just so happens to be one of my best picks this year. Unibright is another altcoin I picked up in late 2019, if I remember correctly and is still up approximately 1000% from my en...

🎉Layer 2 Is Real. Dapp.com Adds Matic Tracking

11 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Dapp.com

We are thrilled to announce that Dapp.com has officially added Matic Ecosystem to our platform as the 18th blockchain we support. Over 30 dapps who are already live on the mainnet could be discovered in the Matic Dapp List. Additional integration be...

Nouriel Roubini Finally Sees Value In Bitcoin

10 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

The Day Has Come I have watched numerous debates between the Crypto community and Dr. Doom, as he is affectionately known and I must admit that I have never seen a person more apposed to Crypto. What often comes across is an absolute hatred and perha...

Top Things You Should Know About Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

10 Nov 2020 7 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) I’m back with another comprehensive Q&A piece, this time for the decentralized data exchange protocol – Ocean Protocol (OCEAN). Ocean Protocol aims to unlock user data, so it can be used productively rather than simply stored by huge corp...

Brave Browser Referral Program End-Date Announced

9 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Ben Wehrman

Quick note before we get started... If you're reading this and haven't ditched Chrome for the Brave Browser yet, what are you waiting for? Read this to learn why you need to make the switch, then download Brave HERE!   Hello, friends! I've got some g...

Splinterlands Epic Card Profile - Manticore

9 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Chris Roberts

Swooping, slashing, stinging beastMeans to make a meaty feast,When it's hungry, you are cursed,Hopefully it stings you first. Manticore Splinter - Draykh-Nahka Set - Reward Edition Class - Flying Mutant Monster Size - Manticore are much larger than...

Weekly Outlook For The Cryptocurrency Market Along With The Best Performance Assets

8 Nov 2020 7 minute read comments Rubikav®

Over the course of the week from October 31 to November 8, the market showed significant growth, with close to 99% of cryptocurrencies registering price increases. Like Bitcoin, almost all altcoins rebound with advances exceeding 40%, according to st...

Brave and Splinterlands Partner to Integrate BAT

20 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

The Brave team announced on October 19 that it had partnered with blockchain game project Splinterlands to integrate the Basic Attention Token (BAT) and promote both platforms. The partnership will see Brave become the official browser of Splinterla...



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