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A Comprehensive Guide To Liquidity Providing and Impermanent Loss – Part 1

28 Sep 2020 Violet64

29 September 2020
Yes! I love that you took price out of the equation! I think that's what gets lost on most people - Uniswap and other similar constant function AMMs only consider the discrete number of units of each crypto for the 'x*y = k' function. If they somehow took price into account then they'd have to integrate with an oracle like Chainlink since price is dependent on outside real-world factors. the code doesn't "know" in advance what the price of every crypto asset is at all future points in time. Liked, tipped, & looking forward to part 2! Edit: I should mention that the lack of oracles is how Uniswap V1 worked. I think Uniswap added oracles for V2. But in principle that's what's so interesting about basic `x*y=k` function AMMs, they can work independently of knowing what the "price" is in terms of fiat like USD. Instead they return a "price" in terms of the other crypto asset. Like if I trade ETH for USDC, I get quoted a "price" of how much USDC I would get for a certain amount of ETH. That price of USDC in terms of ETH comes from the `x*y=k` function

Atomic Wallet Coin Vs. Trust Wallet Token

15 Aug 2020 Cryptonator`s

16 August 2020
Wait, really? From what I understood, Trust wallet is non-custodial? https://community.trustwallet.com/t/custodial-and-a-non-custodial-wallet/51316

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Expanding 0x beyond Ethereum

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A Comprehensive Guide To Liquidity Providing and Impermanent Loss – Part 1

28 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments Violet64

Finally tackling perhaps, the biggest term in the DeFi space, one that has drawn in billions of dollars in value into the space and has been highly confusing for beginners. The idea of providing liquidity to a market is nothing new, it is essentially...

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This week's been rough. After a nice three-days break from coding, courtesy of the Labour-Day weekend, I started working on the last Python assignment on Tuesday at 0900 hrs. Here is what I had to do:1) Import two CSV files that have the names and nu...

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Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate and nearly the same codebase as its cousin, Polkadot. The origin of Kusama The relationship between society and technology has deteriorated to the point where large entitie...

Learning how to code in my middle age - Week 6 [Python]

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Stakecube Project Review and Coin Delistings

1 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments PVMihalache

StakeCube posted an Project Review on Monday 31st of August. The post contains an update of how the existing coins and tokens are reviewed and a list of 8 supported coins that will be delisted on the 30th of September. The next review will take place...

🚀Don't Know Which DeFi Token to Pick? Here You Could Invest ALL

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  $COMP, $YFI, $YFII, $SUSHI, etc, 10 times, 100 times and even more. Looking at the hype, you really want to participate in it. But there are a lot of issues you are worried about. You don’t know how to identify the scams. You don’t know which toke...

What is Stratis (STRAT)? [A Comprehensive Guide to Stratis]

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The conversation around blockchain technology has a tendency to wrap itself around a few talking points: pure payments systems, decentralize everything and moonshots, to name a few. Although this has been changing in the past year or so (especially i...



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