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Bitcoin Scratched $7300, What's Going on?

3 Apr 2020 CryptoChartWizard91

03 April 2020
This is a great article congratulations to you

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$300 in Prizes: My First Trade on DEX Exchange - Update: Now 0 Fees on DEX Registration!

21 Apr 2020 3 minute read comments Igor Tomić

This month we've integrated Loopring’s LRC for tipping. is a decentralised exchange protocol which recently released its own DEX  with the feel and speed of a centralized exchange - 21000 TPS, fast order confirmations, liquid...

EXPERIMENT - Tracking 2020 Top Ten Cryptocurrencies – Month Three - UP +7%

7 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments starthere

Interested in earning cryptocurrency for publishing and reading articles? I also blog over at Publish0x!**Still not using the Brave Browser? Instead of being the product, join the Brave Revolution*** and get paid to view ads. Fast, secure, and p...

I Thought About What My Ideal Cryptocurrency Would Look Like. Here's What I Came Up With.

7 Apr 2020 8 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

I have been thinking a whole lot about a big portion of the problems associated with the Crypto space. I recently asked myself a question; What do I want out of a cryptocurrency? If I had the team and the bankroll to create my own blockchain technolo...

tBTC, A Game Changer For Bitcoin Or Ethereum?

6 Apr 2020 4 minute read comments Market Militia

  What The Heck Is tBTC?   Recently we have been seeing a lot of upward movement in the cryptocurrency world. Lots of cryptoassets are in the green with impressive spikes, but what could be causing this? One surge in price for both Bitcoin and Ethere...

5 News Stories You Might Have Missed This Weekend (3 - 5 April)

6 Apr 2020 6 minute read comments Brawnd0

The world’s in a pretty uncertain spot right now. Some countries have done well to curb the pandemic but others have much worse to come. This has taken a huge toll on people’s lives and the economy, and almost every asset class is in a sorry state. C...

Full List of ICON (ICX) Partnerships (2020)

6 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments list3r

Today, I’ve put together a list of partnerships that ICON has formed over the years. ICON was once a very popular top 20 token, in part because it offered something different from other projects of the time.  I’ve split this list into partnerships, a...

Bitcoin Needs to Become a Better Currency. Here's Why I Think That.

6 Apr 2020 8 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

This is an interesting topic, mostly because you can go back and forth on the idea until you're blue in the face and wanting to die, especially with some of the folks that would consider themselves "Bitcoin Maximalists". Now, I respect their dedicati...

Crypto Website Review: FaucetPay

5 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments Schire

Earn crypto every 5 minutes with Faucetpay! Faucetpay is a micropayment wallet and earning platform wherein you can receive instant crypto payments from thousands of websites! You can withdraw your earned crypto to your personal crypto wallet for a v...

BAT Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

6 Aug 2019 2 minute read comments Dan Bainbridge

BAT is now integrated for tipping on Publish0x, yes, BAT the advertising focused utility token created for the Brave Browser (which blocks ads by default, or lets you earn your share of ads revenue). Now you can earn BAT while you create content and...