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Steem Witnesses Versus Justin Sun And Tron

4 Mar 2020 Scott Cunningham

04 March 2020
This has always been the flaw with DPoS, witnesses, and voting. When a token equals one vote, then the accumulation of tokens means the accumulation of power, just like at big corporations. STEEM was a good idea with flawed implementation, the same goes for Steemit. I'm glad I powered down when I did. CEO Updates Views on Controversial Bitcoin Cash Proposal

7 Feb 2020 MinerUpdate

09 February 2020
Unless there is an opt-out option this smells like coercion. A donate or burn option is still forcing you to give up some of your mined rewards.

Major Bitcoin Cash Miners Propose A Controversial Development Fund

27 Jan 2020 MinerUpdate

27 January 2020
I am wary of this proposal as is. If there is no consensus on this, I fear that a split will occur further weakening the BCH community. I also fear a Blockstream situation developing if successful. I don't see why the pools in favor of this can't just commit a percentage of their block reward to a dev fund without forcing the entire system to contribute.

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