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I like to read, to sing and write songs, poems

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18 Jun 2020 1 minute read 4 comments OpreaMihaela90

Vreau, dar nu pot scapa De iluzia ta Am pagini, inca nescrise In inima mea Oricat as incerca Demonii imi tes soarta rea Si imi privesc reflexia Chipul imi aminteste de "ea", candva. Somnul linistit imi e strain Nu stau la etaj, dar te astept la mezan...



18 Jun 2020 OpreaMihaela90

01 July 2020
Am trimis cerere!


18 Jun 2020 OpreaMihaela90

28 June 2020
Multumesc frumos! Sper ca inspiratia sa ma urmareasca pretutindeni!ūüėä

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