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The Story of Traditional Banks and Digital Currencies

19 Mar 2019 ONEROOT $7.37 (1,388.3643 BNTY)

Recently, JPMorgan Chase, the largest financial service institution in the United States, announced the issuance of its digital currency JPM Coin, which is pegged at 1:1 with the U.S dollar. This event has caused heat to discuss inside and outside th...

Raise Questions To ONEROOT Mystery Man Talk Show, RNT Rewards Are Waiting for You!

11 Mar 2019 ONEROOT $2.84 (535.0538 BNTY)

As we all know, ONEROOT is a team dedicated to technology research and development. Through development, ONEROOT has become increasingly mature. The team now consists of more than 100 people with many big names in technology. Today, you have a chance...

Get Ready? The New ROOTREX Is Coming

28 Feb 2019 ONEROOT $8.47 (1,596.0266 BNTY)

Looking back at the 2018 cryptocurrency market, through all the ups and downs, exchanges, as one of the most important market players, always gained the most attention, especially the decentralized exchanges (DEX). 2019 in crypto will be a year of th...