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16 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Leo_kitti

The sheik watched Megan's reaction after Samir had called her, and he had called her by her name, she had frozen on seeing him and was visible shaken. They knew each other, that much was obvious, the smirk on Samir's face spoke of a long history betw...

😍Want A Share of Warren Buffett’s Company Stock? Join This Competition Now

16 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments

Remember our tutorial on how to buy Tesla stock on FTX exchange? FTX allows worldwide traders to access more than a dozen equity and crypto pairings. The first available one is Tesla, and now Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Google, and more are ad...

A week in Kusama: November 9 - 15, 2020

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Web3 Foundation

  Kusama News The default node for Westend was down on Monday for a while. It is once again available and you should be able to access Westend from Polkadot-JS. If you are interested in being a validator on Kusama, check out the Thousand Validators...

Bitcoin Continues Upward Move After Validating Breakout Level (TA - 16th of November)

16 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

The Bitcoin (BTC) price increased incrementally during the week of Nov 9-16. Even though the price failed to reach a close above $16,000, it returned to validate the previous breakout level and has begun to increase once more. During the week of N...

Using Asymmetric Risk to Your Advantage Trading Altcoins

16 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments AlucardLife

Asymmetric risk is a trading term that you should know if you are in the crypto space. The altcoin space, a more volatile space when bitcoin and ether are considered outside of it, is actually the best place to invoke the technique. What is Asymmetri...

When Will Bitcoin Decouple from the Traditional Stock Market?

14 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments AlucardLife

November saw bitcoin reach new local all time highs, but the more important statistic was that the correlation between bitcoin and the stock market fell significantly. One of the most important characteristics crypto must embody for the next bull run...


12 Nov 2020 4 minute read comments Leo_kitti

[Prompt] As you drive to work yesterday, you noticed a man looking at you. That same man was at your grocery shop and at the park you jog at. You seem to be noticing him looking at you, watching you, almost everywhere you go. One day you wake up at n...

Earn incredible returns - Binance Liquid Swap

8 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Ignacio_

HI everyone! I want to share this option that I met just yesterday, but it seems very good and with few risks in my way of understanding. The way in which cryptocurrencies are earned in Liquid Swap is through flexible interest (only for enabled crypt...

How to Earn Crypto by Publishing AND Reading Content on Publish0x - a Simple Mini Guide

26 Nov 2018 4 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic platform through which content publishers AND their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you. Tips are free and come from our rewards pool! A tip is split between author and reader. *T...