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KAVA is on Fire! DeFi

20 Jul 2020 johnwege

21 July 2020
Wow. Great article. Heard about this project some time back, I think it's set to boom. I'll await a slight replacement then pull off a buy. Thanks

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Binance CEO jokes about BTC and sees Altcoin Season in progress

22 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments deleted00024

In the past few weeks, two developments in the crypto area have been crucial. On the one hand, the very low volatility in the Bitcoin price is worth mentioning. The BTC price has been in the range of $ 9,000 to $ 9,600 for over 2.5 months now, mostly...

Fidelity invests heavily in Bitcoin - How and Why?

21 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments NassiroV

Image Source Hut 8 Mining, the Canadian cryptocurrency mining company, is currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. A recent regulatory document has just revealed that the huge Fidelity investment fund has bet big on Bitcoin mining activities,...

How I Turned $373 to $7563 with Ampleforth in 22 Days Without Trading

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At the end of June, I posted a guide on how to provide liquidity for Ampleforth (AMPL) on Uniswap and make some money from Ampleforth’s Geyser program.  It worked out quite well for me. I ended it up with $373.6 worth of AMPLs to be exact. Little I k...

Teller : A New Approach To DeFi Loans

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Imagine that you are walking down the street when someone excitedly runs up and says that they just heard of this incredible new company that can give you a loan for school or to buy a new car. All you have to do to get the loan is to submit to a cre...

KAVA is on Fire! DeFi

20 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments johnwege

The DeFi market is truly doing something special right now, and it is only the beginning.  But most people only are thinking about the DeFi protocols built on Ethereum, not realizing there is much more out there.  And one of those has been my favorit...