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Pentagon Wargame Shows Bitcoin Used As Tool For Revolution

12 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments FarewelltoMinds

One way you can identify the potential of something is by examining its enemies. That is, how do they treat it? As a threat? Or do they ignore it? As a Chinese general once said, “it is good to be attacked by the enemy”. The latest news about a warga...

Justin Sun just planned massive freezing of user assets on the Steem blockchain

4 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments paragism

Cover Image Source - Created by the author using free vectors Steem hard fork took place on 20th March, 2020 and generated Hive blockchain. Hive is basically a copy of Steem blockchain with minor changes. So, it was basically a chain split. Majority...

10 days with 3 Commas...

10 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments PGLIVEPT

Hi guys, Today I would like to share my 10 days experience in a new Binance Trade account on 3Commas. Since last year around November or December 3commas have a free option to use their platform. Binance Trade Account....

Phoneum - my disappointment with them.

8 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments DimitarM

Phoneum(Currently known as PHT, formerly as PHM) is a ERC20 token that offers cloud mining service in their app. Additionally there are several games in their portfolio where you can earn more of the coins. I don't like the games, but I use the cloud...

Top Things You Should Know About Tron (TRX)

31 Jan 2020 23 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) I’m back with another information-packed piece to give you a deep understanding and insight on Tron (TRX)! If you haven’t seen my last piece on Binance and BNB, be sure to check that out too. Hope you enjoy the read! To Buy, Sell, or Trad...

Second Swiss town starts accepting Bitcoin for tax payments

30 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments DimitarM

As we know back in 2016 a small Swiss city, named Zug started taking bitcoin for tax payments with the help of Bitcoin Suisse. As of this week, another municipality in Switzerland, called Zermatt applied the same system again using the services of Bi...