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My best 5 Projects with Ethereum #BestDApp this year 2019 must be read!

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No.1 Ethlance Ethlance from the word "Freelance "and “Ethereum” The same as Upwork or Fiverr it's a marketplace for jobs. However, Upwork and Fivver are centralized not like Ethlance that is a purely decentralized marketplace for a job posting and c...

2019 Whitebit Exchange Review with listing new project that is backed from gold.

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  Whitebit Overview for this 2019 is going good with processing speed of up to 10,000 trades or more with 1,000,000 (TCP) Connections. More than 95% of all currency are stored on cold wallets. They use Single Page Application, the components of the...

Looking for BTC movements until Bitcoin Halving 2020

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On this graph, we use Elliott Impulse wave (12345) with trendline, Rectangle, Ellipse tools and MacD below. The graph shows really impressive, some of the TA's said that this will fall under "bearish double bottom" (bottom 1 and 2 positions on B and...

They called Chinese "Air Coins"

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On last November 8 and 9, almost 4,000 people attended the World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen, China, As per event organizer (8btc). Most of them are big companies in Tech firms such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, with some crypto exchanges, fund...

Puregold ATM Gold Machine is now accepting Cryptocurrency!

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The first and ever ATM Gold Machine is now in Singapore!   Introducing Puregold  PureGold aims to solve for these points of friction by developing a gold-backed cryptocurrency and payment gateway. They have attracted a team with many years of combine...

Cointiger Exchange big revelation about Frozen Accounts! Sad to say but Goodbye Hard Earned Money.

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First of all, I don't want to reveal this incident. But we have to bring this due to people's demands about their "Frozen Accounts" and let CoinTiger teams explain, what's the real happened! Almost 1 month from now and these people are still praying...

Is this "My Way" Because the Bitcoin end is near, So you have to face the final curtain?

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We need more green graph to make bitcoin bullish again but sad to say it's so hard to reach the 9k and we're now sitting on critical support. Lots of the TA's says that the next support level would be the $7,8k to $7,6. As long there's no good news o...

Bitcoin ATM's are now reaching 6,000 worldwide. Check this out why?

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Bitcoin ATMs got a record of a new milestone for exceeding 6,000 installed around the world. As stated on CoinATMRadar, there are currently 6004 ATM machines installed and over 65% are mostly in the United States. In addition, data shows an average o...

A reward for the Iran Illegal miners!

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Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining: Iran govt. offers up to 20% reward Mostafa Rajabi, a spokesman of Irans energy ministry announced in an interview last October 13, that anyone who can divulge or reveal the illegal cryptocurrency miners in the country w...

5 difference between AI vs. Blockchain - You must know!

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Based on the report on this year, These industries have billions of gross value. So our topics are AI vs Blockchain AI vs Blockchain (AI) or Artificial Intelligence -  It's Human-made Machine with attach of human intelligence processes, especially co...