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Divi - Wallet Update 1.7.1 out now! - MANDATORY UPDATE

10 Oct 2020 mdizzy

31 October 2020
This is the season of incentivization and ease of user Interface. Divi has that !!

Dragon Den: A Social Media Platform by Disney's Dragonchain Blockchain

8 Jan 2020 M87

28 January 2020
Good job on the article! Still the best project Ive looked at. IMO Drgn has to make it to the adoption stage...still a while off. Many projects have great claims, but havent been working their ass off since 2014 and, having an enterprise backing to launch off. Its not always the best to they make it...sometimes there other factors. If Drgn was based on merit, in my research they would be a choice for many businesses..its a matter of the other 8k projects organically being sorted out. In this crypto blockchain game, they are a few steps ahead, heres trusting they are seen.

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See the full blog post with all the tablesΒ here. And learn about the history and the rules of the ExperimentsΒ here. This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a link in this article, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you....

Full List of Maker's Collateral Tokens & Assets

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