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Three Top TRX Dapps Utilizing Smart Contracts For Passive Income!

30 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments Sapphire

Connect To The TRX Ecosystem! If you have been exploring staking and lending to generate passive income then TRX dapps might be something you should look into! There are currently loads of dapps on the TRX ecosystem but I am going to introduce you to...

The 3 Tokens Binance Listed On Their Own

29 Jun 2020 9 minute read comments Adamic0

Being listed on either Coinbase or Binance can do wonders for a project. Typically, it comes with an increase in trading volume and a larger buzz on social. This is further accompanied by a swift surge in prices. However, all is not fair and transpar...

🚀🚀Bitget $20&100USD GET campaign🚀🚀 Correction.

29 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments dotstyle

Previous article correction.If you have registered, you have applied for the experience bonus of 20USD.     You get a unique token for logging in every day and And if you log in for 21 days straight... what! Ta-da!   You could win 100 USDT with our n...

Bitcoin on the edge of BIG MOVE - But Which Direction?

28 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments CryptoPk

Bitcoin according to Bollinger Band technical analysis is on verge of massive Move, as we can see the same scenario happens back in 2015 and uptrend of bitcoin started which rose bitcoin price to 20,000$ a coin back in 2018.  The same pattern can be...

Reasons I'm Buying SBET (

22 Jun 2020 5 minute read comments costanza

I have been keeping an eye on which is a bookie operating on the EOS blockchain for the last 8+ months cost averaging my way into their SBET token. Yesterday I bought some more, these are the reasons why... To start, the purpose of this...

Why Bitcoin is not a good investment?

20 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments Mabla

Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto currency launched in 2009 by Satoshi and was valued at $0.02. When it was launched it was a good and lucrative investment but a lot of people did not realize its importance and how rich it can make them. It maybe bec...

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

15 Jan 2020 16 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hello, welcome to my blog, Crypto Truth Lexicon, you all very welcome here.  I decided to create my own little series and post some very useful information for everyone regarding my favorite projects. Starting with BAT & Brave, I have answered some o...



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