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My name is ushie Shadrach, I'm from Nigeria, a lover of cryptocurrency in general.

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8 May 2020 Khan Fahad

09 May 2020
You are doing well sir, this is an eye opener 😁😁

MyCrypto BETA - Easy LRC, DAI and BAT Cross-Conversion

20 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

09 May 2020
Nice article, but can this organization do something about the metamask??

Bitcoin's ATM : About To Be Mainstream ?

8 May 2020 McAlex7

08 May 2020
This technology is absolutely nice, but why isn't contributed evenly to other places, Nigeria don't have such, and it's a country with mass adoption of cryptocurrency

Performance of Binance's Last 5 Launchpad Projects

7 May 2020 Apoaca

08 May 2020
I love this inside, thank you very much.

Bulls Meet the Halving

6 May 2020 Thomas Wolf

08 May 2020
I think, this is going to be another history like 2012 & 2017, please we can't wait to see that happens

Blockchain Interoperability: Is Wanchain The Internet of Blockchains?

6 May 2020 Wanchainer

08 May 2020
Lovely inside, it a great job you have done.

Cloud Mining Crypto Isn't Worth it, And Here's Why!

3 May 2020 Wantandable

08 May 2020
Thanks allot for that inside

How I earned my first Bitcoin! (And how I lost it)

7 May 2020 Kurza Twarz

08 May 2020
Luv this story but please be wise next time

EXPERIMENT - Tracking Top 10 Cryptos of 2018 - Month Twenty-Eight - Down -82%

6 May 2020 starthere

08 May 2020
This is really interesting and comprehensive

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Top Things You Should Know About Tron (TRX)

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