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Crypto & The Communist Manifesto- Part 1 Quotes

22 Sep 2020 CivilWar

22 September 2020
Love the read..

Day #5 without crypto-gambling

25 Aug 2020 evannemo

26 August 2020
Philippine peso hahah still a big amount in my country though hahah

"Dulce Cumot" in Philippines

16 Aug 2020 Hinata29

25 August 2020
A lot of childhood memories on this one. Last article I've read this plant is supposed to be rare or with a considerable value in the market. Thanks for sharing this wild plant.

How Scammers Has Hindered The Progress of Cryptocurrencies in the Philippines

18 Aug 2020 mfphil

25 August 2020
Good article and points mentioned bro, hope this will get a notice from the users in the future. The mere mention of crypto currency and bitcoins in our country ( I assume your from the PH too) bring forth the memories of Kapa, Bitcoins scam in the South esp in Mindanao and in short crypto currencies are shown on a bad light. Since this new trend is also the new tools to scam the people of their hard earned cash. We really need early adopters and as well as good endorsers. Like right now I'm writing this comment on a site that gives crypto coin and while using a brave browser. So hopefully we can get more people to engage on this brave new horizon.

Day #5 without crypto-gambling

25 Aug 2020 evannemo

25 August 2020
All these colors casinos and crypto-casinos have, are there for a reason. When we (humans) see a red color, we get angry. So, after losing a bet, the red color that appears makes you wanna wager a higher amount. Thanks for these visuals and imagery put in to words. Yes, this scenario has transported me back in time when I was working in Manila and doing some gambling on the side, usually every payday it started from 5000 then up to 20000. Unfortunately this means a big some from my salary. Yes, even though your winning sometimes but still your mind craves for more. I had one friend who won a massive amount of 100,000 then it become 200,000. He was so engrossed on it that I saw how he was only able to bring home 80,000. in the end. It really destroys you inside. The craving and wanting to bet, until you lose it all.

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Basic Attention Token: a solid case for this sleeping giant

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I have a love-hate relationship with ERC-20 tokens. Not that I'm a block-chain expert or developer, but it seems that anybody can just have an idea (or lack of one, thereof), and create a new ERC-20 token to add to the myriad. There's nothing wrong w...

Crypto & The Communist Manifesto- Part 1 Quotes

22 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments CivilWar

While chatting about the recent, frequent, turbulent world-wide events with a few close friends, our conversations veered towards political theory and ideologies. Before we knew it, a close friend and I decided to start a book club based on political...

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