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How did New Zealand beat COVID?

7 Aug 2020 lowededwookie

07 August 2020
All countries that are governed by horror-clowns are having horror numbers in terms of Covid-19. No exception. At least this part of reality still works. In oppsite, those governments run by people with a good brain have controlled run of the pandemy. Greetings from Germany!

Earn through Google Search - Step by Step Video Guide

13 May 2020 CryptoPk

13 May 2020
I use it since a couple of months now. 520 Pres earned so far. But the main point is: I would even use it without being payed because the results are good and presented in a clean way, very fast. One of my fav projects! -Marcus

How do you see Brave/BAT?

30 Apr 2020 Ian LeViness (ExpatCrypyto3)

04 May 2020
Hi Expat, I am using Brave full time for a while now. I make app. 3€/ Month in BAT (depending also on the exchange rate of BAT) which I donate all the way to a cool project that delivers "ungoogled"-Android for mobile phones ( So, in my eyes your goal is a bit too high, but the direction is right! :-) -Marcus

Important message to all citizens of the spaceship Earth

29 Mar 2020 Gregor-Flyge

29 March 2020
So you would be OK with half of the rate? 45 million? Think of your karma! 'We live in times where most of the people are wrong most of the time. ‘ That has always been true and will for ever. 'That’s a mathematical indicator, too.' No, this no indicator for anything but a simple fact that requires us to learn on. It has nothing to with math. And it will never replace taking care of each other.

Important message to all citizens of the spaceship Earth

29 Mar 2020 Gregor-Flyge

29 March 2020
You didnt read my words carefully. You dont have to trust the numbers in media bit in math. Nobody can ever know the exact number at a given time and it would be useless. You will need at least 60% survived infections amoungst the global people. That would currently mean 4,5 - 4,8 billion people infected. Mortal rate 2% equals 90-96 million (sic) people will die. Assumed that the poor countries in Africa will have a mort rate at 2% as well. They will not. You say, if you are 80 and sick it's about time to die. Well, let us hear you again when your parents are 79. Or you yourself. I do not worry about my death, I worry about my friends, parents, neighbours, loved artists, and last but not least all the people with less luck in biz or in health. This is time to actually LIVE solidarity. Time to do it.

Important message to all citizens of the spaceship Earth

29 Mar 2020 Gregor-Flyge

29 March 2020
Sure. Just had to go for my alu hat. I dont believe in propaganda, but in math and in 'history rhimes'. Math forecasts infections perfectly, even if you dont believe in. An infection run like 1918/19 with a similar letal rate will cost 100 - 200 todays peoples life. Just because there are more people living on the globe today. Most victims will be poor people in poor countries with bad health care or with health care based on voodoo. The first month of strong acts against the spread will be the cheapest. The last 3 month of these acts will be killing. Guys like you, acting against the protecting, will stretch the infection run and will be responsable for this costs. This is inhuman, unfair and shows a lack of solidarity. Constructive enough!?

Crypto Tokens Don't Thrive Without Ecosystems

27 Mar 2020 Daniel Goldman

28 March 2020
+1 …...................

Setting a limit error to catch a dump cost me big on Tezos! It is better to market buy?

21 Jan 2020 DaniBom

21 January 2020
Depends on your time horizon. Are you investing for years, then it makes no difference if you bought for 1.25 or 1.20. BUY. If you gamble, your approach is cool. Just my 50cent. Marcus

Brave ads not working?

13 Jan 2020 Luud

13 January 2020
Same over here. But very likely it is strongly correlated to business numbers (less in January) and fund raising campaigns (less/ next to nothing in Januar). cheers

9 Most Profitable Proof of Stake Coins (PoS) Right Now!

9 Jan 2020 GoCryptoWise

10 January 2020
Thanks for your very interesting article! The staking rewards are pretty high, sometimes almost ridiculous high. Am I thinking right that theses numbers will go down significantly in the near future? Also, shouldn't the reward be regarded as "inflation", that will put pressure on the currency exchange rates? Thanks for any feedback!


5 Jan 2020 Word Club

05 January 2020
Cool Stuff! -Marcus

Altcoins to HODL - Part 1 - Messaging

5 Jan 2020 Phil Skinner

05 January 2020
I have to apologize, first for my flood of comments here and secondly because I should have looked more precisely into the app-store of /e/ , since the app is available there. I downloaded it to give it a try. Thanks for your hint. Please note, that this app contains a Goolge Analytics tracker. cheers -Marcus

Altcoins to HODL - Part 1 - Messaging

5 Jan 2020 Phil Skinner

05 January 2020
By the way, I think that too many people at the moment look at Blockchain and its related projects only on behalf of "hodl a 100 bucks and get super-rich in a sudden overnight bull run". As long as the majority of the market is thinking this way, no bull run will happen. Just my 50ct. -Marcus

Altcoins to HODL - Part 1 - Messaging

5 Jan 2020 Phil Skinner

05 January 2020
Hi pdskinner1, thanks for this post, I didn't know the project yet. I think you would require a H U G E marketing budget to make a messaging app popular enough for average users. I am not an average user though ( I use de-googled Android from and would like to give it a try. Do you know a place where to get the App besides the Goggle market (which I don't use for good reasons :-) ) cheers -Marcus

Tezos $XTZ | 1 Year HODL Experiment (Fifth Month)

3 Jan 2020 Cryptolohy

03 January 2020
It sounds pretty much like you missed a major update. You don't need a KT1___ Account for staking any longer (I believe since November, just use your standard tz1___acc.) and you need to keep your wallet software up to date in order to work properly. I think that goes for every Crypto. For me too it sounds like you don't take the experiment too serious...I didn't face any of your problems. cheers -Marcus

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Earn Cryptocurrency (BRO) while listening to music on

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The Human Behind The Screen

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