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Is USB Mining Profitable?

17 Apr 2020 AverageVancouverite

18 April 2020
Thank you so much for your article. Hope to read your next article about Pi mining

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

15 Jan 2020 MuyAsk

16 April 2020
Thanks for great article.

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Brave Crypto Wallets: Slow Transaction? Unstuck When Ethereum Gets Stuck

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I like to test and play with stuff like DeFi apps, widgets, staking... a lot but sometimes transactions get stuck and pending for a long time. When one transaction gets stuck, all the other transactions after that will have to wait until the stuck tr...

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

15 Jan 2020 16 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hello, welcome to my blog, Crypto Truth Lexicon, you all very welcome here.  I decided to create my own little series and post some very useful information for everyone regarding my favorite projects. Starting with BAT & Brave, I have answered some o...