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Crypto lover, Artist, Jewelry Designer, Holistic Therapy professional, Writer.

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Lys Shiva Arts

Guys check on Cos TV

12 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Lys Shiva Arts

Please subscribe to Cos TV and follow my TV channel 😎.   The 'Why' about Cos TV... You earn and have the same rights no matter how many followers you have.   Click the image to read the white paper.   COS.TV is a content ecosystem based on Contentos...


Guys check on Cos TV

12 Aug 2020 Lys Shiva Arts

15 August 2020
#blockchain #costv #contentos #btc #news

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #3]

5 Aug 2020 Brawnd0

06 August 2020
Hello guys! Tell me about the daily kucoin bonus

Passive Crypto Earnings July 2020 (Lending/Dividends/Staking)

5 Aug 2020 costanza

06 August 2020
Coinbase earn never pick me :( Try Kucoin app. Great daily returns

What is Phantasma Chain and Can it Compete With Other Leading NFT Trading Platforms?

19 Jul 2020 Brennan

19 July 2020
MAN! Loved the info!!! Will have this wallet now.

How Important is Censorship-Resistance When Assessing a Blockchain's Value?

18 Jul 2020 Brennan

18 July 2020
Hello. I would like to know the best blockchain to build my e-commerce. Thanks. Gives you 5-18% interest on your Crypto, is it safe?

11 Jul 2020 KnewMoney

12 July 2020
I just need the card in Brazil. Please.

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The Presearch Brave Pair

22 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments BryRi

Here we are, the 7th of 7 Articles on Brave this week. When I think about one of the best features that I really enjoy with Brave Browser, it is the ability to connect  and search through Presearch.  It has created - The Presearch Brave Pair   An Exc...

Brave Sync V2 Has Arrived! Here's Why it's Awesome, and How to Setup

21 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Ben Wehrman

Quick note before we get started... This post is all about Brave Browser. If you haven't ditched Chrome for the future of the crypto web yet, fear not! I've got you covered: 1. Go read my in-depth Brave post to learn why it's so awesome 2. Consider d...

Part2: A breakdown of the aelf blockchain whitepaper

21 Aug 2020 7 minute read comments aelf_blockchain

Breaking down the aelf side-chain Cloud computing, parallel processing, and AEDPoS have greatly improved the execution performance of any kind of smart contract, but when they are applied to enterprise-level scenarios, new problems crop up. To b...

Staking With BZRX

20 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments bzxHQ

  Staking is an integral part of the governance process of the bZxDAO. Staking can be thought of as very similar to delegating votes. When you stake your tokens, you are staking those tokens to an address and empowering them as a representative. Tho...

Cryptocurrency investment: Why you should take the risk

10 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments Dzoelx

Couple of disclaimers on cryptocurrency investment advice and endless warnings, ‘cryptocurrency investments are very risky ventures…and the earth is flat’. Well, one is a fact, the other is probably another way to look at facts. A little focus will t...

A Commented Beginner’s Guide For Cryptocurrency Swing Trading

9 Aug 2020 6 minute read comments Rubikav®

A few days ago Binance on it’s blog wrote a guide for beginners on the Swing trade trade modality and we have replicated it and brought it here to make our personal comment. Really, many who are new, fall into some traps that prevent them from evolvi...

CoinGeko Candies - and Crytpo-Related Swag!

9 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

A few weeks ago, I learned about the CoinGeko candy reward program from a blogger (sorry I forgot who) on Publish0x. For those of you who may not know, CoinGeko candies are like rewards points that you can earn by logging into CoinGeko each day. The...

Flipping DeFiantly: XTZ, LINK & ATOM

9 Aug 2020 6 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

I noticed some unusual percentage gains for the positive with Tezos (XTZ), ChainLink (LINK), and Cosmos (ATOM) and thought to myself; Tezos is doing quite well and the DeFi bulls are running; what is my next move?Flipping.  Easily, and I'll explain w...

War Riders Now Use Human-Readable Names Instead of ETH Address.

9 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments egamersio

War Riders, a driving MMO Blockchain-based game announced cooperation with the Chainlink platform to use human-readable usernames for deposits and withdrawals through smart contracts. It’s a step further for mainstream adoption as players won’t have...

How to Test Ethereum Smart Contracts for Access Restriction

11 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments alexroan

Prerequisite: Ths article assumes an understanding of Solidity and Ethereum smart contracts. Controlling access to smart contracts is vital to ensuring security. Common patterns, like OpenZeppelin’s Ownable and AccessControl contracts, enable develop...



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