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I'm a momma & wife who loves to gamble online for cryptocurrency.

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Has The Bull Market Finally Started?

6 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Mickael Pasquier

Bitcoin (BTC) has finally broken out, and how? The price shot through $ 10,000 to $ 11,600 and now seems to want to consolidate there. Has the bull market finally started or are we going to consolidate for a while? Has Bitcoin finally earned 'safe ha...

How to Earn Crypto by Publishing AND Reading Content on Publish0x - a Simple Mini Guide

26 Nov 2018 4 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic platform through which content publishers AND their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you. Tips are free and come from our rewards pool! A tip is split between author and reader. *T...