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The 1000 Bitcoin Dilemma

25 Nov 2020 acesontop

25 November 2020
That's certainly the kind of dilemma we all want to have. I'd use 10-15 of them right now to make my house as in my dreams, give a few to people I love around me and keep what's left in a place where it would give each month enough to live with no worries.

Bitcoin is Now Bigger Than JPMorgan

25 Nov 2020 Abhimanyu Krishnan

25 November 2020
Bigger than JP, then "bigger than Jesus"

We were only one step away from the clouds

22 Nov 2020 Melina Mehr

23 November 2020
I love your writing, mixing epic adventures and poetic feelings. Clouds are a great vehicle for the mind.

Green Excels All Colors, Green Means Life, Youth, Growth

13 Nov 2020 Melina Mehr

13 November 2020
Starting the day with your green pictures is like drinking a healing potion ! Body and soul are restored, thank you !

The Forested Mountains of Northern Iran,  Gilan, Talesh, Pictures

31 Oct 2020 Melina Mehr

06 November 2020
What a beautiful land it is ! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. It makes me feel wanting to ride with you and your friends and discovering these wonders !

The Exchangers and their Mysterious Things

4 Nov 2020 alquimista1501

05 November 2020
Thank you for reminding us what is really going on, even if it is not nice to hear. CEX are great places to easily develop and manage your portfolio but to have this comfort we give them a huge power. Will greed be stronger than our moral values ? For my case, I'm ashamed to answer yes, for the time being.

A Valuable Friend, Someone Who Doesn’t Leave You Alone in Hard Moments

14 Oct 2020 Melina Mehr

14 October 2020
I try to keep my first tip of the day for you, it's always a pleasure to read your honest, humble and full of humanity posts. Have a great day !

ETHwriter: Uniswap Liquidity Mining - A Pictorial Walkthrough

13 Oct 2020 Thomas Wolf

13 October 2020
You experienced Impermanent Loss (as I have...) https://www.publish0x.com/cryptochat/a-comprehensive-guide-to-liquidity-providing-and-impermanent-xllkjpw Fortunately, the UNI airdrop largely compensates for this now definitive loss .

Iranian Girl and Boy Sand Play at The Beach, Can You See The Difference?

30 Sep 2020 Melina Mehr

30 September 2020
Thanks for your nice posts, always full of humanity. First tip of the day :)

My Flamingo Farming Results

28 Sep 2020 Zemiatin

29 September 2020
Do you know if the BNB deposited in the "savings" account (and who already farm BEL and WINGS) will gave me FLM ? I was surprised this morning not to find any FLM and it seems I had to stake BNB in a special FLM pool... I am a bit confused...

The Adventure of My Poor Turtle

24 Sep 2020 Melina Mehr

24 September 2020
Thanks for this great post, full of humanity. It's so kind of you to let us ride with you !

Turning the Tide in a Devastated Crypto Landscape?

23 Sep 2020 rah

23 September 2020
Nice post with great illustrations that fit perfectly to the subject and create an oppressive atmosphere, as can be the current market situation. In these hard times nothing beat free crypto (whether through faucets, referrals hard work, staking rewards or airdrops).

PublishOx and Down Voting

21 Sep 2020 rah

21 September 2020
Maybe this negative vote comes from a disappointed person, who was hoping to learn important information given the title of the article (maybe a collaboration between Coinbase and Publish0x!), To finally find ... well ... Loopring listed on Coinbase perhaps. I am here because I really enjoyed your previous posts and I am embarrassed to give my opinion when I am not even an author. But I felt this disappointment, the impression of having been fooled by a title that was too catchy. Is this downvote that serious? Isn't the important thing in the feedback that users give to your work (follows, likes, comments)? I appreciated the advices from your previous articles, I am trying to apply them and I am sure that I will learn more from you in the future !

Life Is Gorgeous When You Stand Above The Clouds

17 Sep 2020 Melina Mehr

17 September 2020
Nice post ! And not crypto-related ! Merci (thank you) !

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Loopring is Running a Withdrawal Mining Campaign

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The Loopring (LRC) project is running a mining incentive campaign from Nov. 27 to Dec. 26, in a bid to attract users to its newly launched Loopring Wallet beta. Called withdrawal mining, Loopring will distribute a total of 1 million LRC, worth about...

Bitcoin Breaks 2017 Bull Run All-time High

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Photo Album, The Cycling Celebration Before COVID-19

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When I browse through my photo album, it is as if I am flipping through my album of memories. Each image has a special meaning for me. Sometimes you see a picture and suddenly thousands of emotional and pleasant memories invade your heart. Every ph...

$41,000 BTC By EOY?

30 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments acesontop

Bitcoin has just scored its all time high at around $19,700... something, and it is crystal clear that it is a matter of minutes, or lets say hours, until it will blast through the huge psychological resistance at $20,000. I am confident that it will...

Looks Like I Was Wrong about the Bitcoin Bear

30 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments AlucardLife

Looks like I have to eat my words on  The Bear is Coming HARD Before Any Bitcoin All Time Highs. Bitcoin recovered fully and hit the highs, and the market followed. Bro, I wasn't just wrong, I was dead wrong. So let's look at what happened and what I...

CME Gap for BTC between 16925 and 18275

30 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Goodsoul

The outlook for Bitcoin after the drop: Bitcoin seems to have regained traction and is trading at 18635USD at the moment, up 2.5% from yesterday. Bitcoin sometimes likes to do false breakouts on weekends. Now Monday is almost over and things are real...

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #18]

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Eighteen weeks ago, on July 14th, 2020 I've put ~$7000 across various DeFi platforms. Here's the first post if you've missed it.  On Week #18 of this experiment, I decided to produce another update. Here is a quick reminder of what I have been tracki...

Top 10 Bitcoin songs

30 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments Permabull

Just watched a new music video of this incredible artist named Lil Bubble and realized I wanted to do an article with a few of my top Bitcoin songs. Here it is: 1. Lil Bubble - Never Ever (selling back to tether). The song is based on Never Ever Gett...

Why bitcoin might go below $10,000 again.

30 Nov 2020 4 minute read comments Dzoelx

Source Ok, I am being pessimistic again. Fact is, taking a look at the events of these past couple of weeks it will be hard not to get emotional. Bitcoin has been on a run, couple of corrections…well if that was actually the case. The bull run was te...



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