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Kyt Dotson

I am a blockchain and cryptocurrency journalist by day and a video game anthropologist by night. If you follow my work, you can learn a lot about the blockchain industry and I am especially curious about how the gaming world adopts this technology.

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Kyt Dotson

Blockade Games delays Neon District release to summer 2020

26 Jan 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Kyt Dotson

Upcoming cyberpunk dystopia game, Neon District, will have its release date pushed back to the summer months of 2020 by its developer Blockade Games, according to a letter published to the game’s community by Chief Executive Officer Marguerite deCour...

0xUniverse Review: Explore blockchain planets in this space strategy game

18 Jan 2020 6 minute read 13 comments Kyt Dotson

Blockchain games run the gamut of attaching cryptocurrency to a framework or building a game out of blockchain-based assets -- in 0xUniverse, players will discover and trade planets that are virtual assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Developed by 0xG...

FirstBlood launches ‘Dawn’ blockchain platform for larger scale esports betting

12 Dec 2019 2 minute read 0 comments Kyt Dotson

FirstBlood, a gaming platform that allows amateur esports players to earn rewards for playing well-known video games, today announced the upcoming launch of its new blockchain technology named Dawn. Built on the Cosmos Network, Dawn will allow FirstB...

Review of Gods Unchained blockchain-based trading card game on Ethereum

25 Nov 2019 9 minute read 3 comments Kyt Dotson

The Gods Unchained free-to-play digital card trading game built with blockchain technology has been in beta since July and since has released its first tradable set of cards. Developed and published by Immutable, formerly Fuel Games, built the game o...

Review of blockchain-enabled game Chain Warriors from Destiny.Games on The Abyss

19 Nov 2019 5 minute read 5 comments Kyt Dotson

Chain Warriors is a browser-based click-and-battle-styled RPG developed by Destiny.Games and published on the blockchain-enabled platform The Abyss. The mechanics of the game are such that players are able to collect sets of equipment from events – m...


Seven Enjin-Backed Blockchain Projects That Are Redefining The Gaming Industry

25 Jan 2020 Brennan

27 January 2020
I am very interested in the direction Dissolution is taking. The effect of the Enjin blockchain technology and wallet on potential gaming projects has been something I've been following for some time. Virtual item marketplaces are a significant part of free-to-play gaming on mobile and PC, but they also lack any sort of baked-in consumer protection (meaning that a company can just "vanish" or make worthless collectibles) with blockchain-based items there would be more potential trust. Hm. Apparently, I missed "Forest Knight," I had not seen that yet, but I will be checking it out now.

0xUniverse Review: Explore blockchain planets in this space strategy game

18 Jan 2020 Kyt Dotson

19 January 2020
Yes. I didn't cover this as much as I should have in my review, but gas prices can vary a lot. Most of the time I can keep them under ten cents. I played around with the gas in MetaMask a few times and accidentally triggered a series of timeouts (and one failed). I enjoy the game's collectibles/investment aspect but since I'm not in this for money, even a few cents at a time feels exorbitant.

0xUniverse Review: Explore blockchain planets in this space strategy game

18 Jan 2020 Kyt Dotson

19 January 2020
I've been having a lot of fun with the game. Really, it's built on an investment model (with the launch/discover/sell planets loop) but because of 0xBattleships coming it will become a foundation for another game, which I think changes the prospective time/energy investment in that loop for players.

Get Your Crypto Nickname & Play Multiverse Games

16 Jan 2020 egamersio

18 January 2020
Always on the lookout for what games are in the crypto-space right now and how they're developing. It's clear the blockchain gaming industry right now is extremely nascent and still figuring itself out. Some of these games announced one or two years ago will hopefully be maturing soon, while others have launched in the last two years are already quite interesting. I'm looking forward to a solid MMORPG or MMOFPS to take off.

From the Lithuania Central Bank a new endorsement in favor of cryptocurrencies

12 Dec 2019 Roberto D.

12 December 2019
I have seen news about Lithuania and blockchain technology a lot this week. I believe, not too long ago, the central bank of Lithuania announced that it would release commemorative, collectible virtual coins using blockchain tech. Certainly a powerful endorsement of the tech, and also a way for the country to put itself on the map for innovators and developers to choose to work with its government and banks.

Cosplay Token: The Latest Anime Fandom Crypto?

25 Nov 2019

25 November 2019
Okay. That's really interesting. I am extremely familiar with the cosplay community -- or at least my little part of it, since it spans a huge breadth -- and this could be useful. Design, photography, makers, etc. all exist in the community in various roles and there are certainly professional and amateur cosplayers who would love to have some sort of residual income to help pay for their future work. I have a lot of research to do apparently.

MyCryptoHeroes Partner With Opera Browser

25 Nov 2019 egamersio

25 November 2019
Interesting. This might be a good reason for me to also get Opera installed. I've been spending most of my time in Brave browser lately because I'm trying to get the feel for it and its place in the cryptoassets industry -- but I've left Opera alone largely. This could change that.

Gods Unchained Marketplace is Now Live

22 Nov 2019 egamersio

23 November 2019
I did notice that the market appeared in the launcher! I'm extremely overjoyed to see this part of the game come together, it's been an interesting journey to watch. I think that this, out of many of the games I've explored, has notable potential for blockchain assets.

Review of blockchain-enabled game Chain Warriors from Destiny.Games on The Abyss

19 Nov 2019 Kyt Dotson

20 November 2019
Sure. I can't speak to this specific casinos since I have not tried them out (and Funfiar cannot let people from the U.S. play) but I could talk a little about casinos and games of chance in relation to blockchain technology and the community in general. I think blockchain technology has two important takeaways for gambling: provable fairness and trust-less historical knowledge. Guaranteed fairness is a huge deal with any gambling technology, in fact it's at the core of most gambling regulations because although establishments want people to think that it's customers that cheat, really institutions are equally problematic cheaters. Using an intermediate technology that enforces randomness and records results in an immutable ledger that can be publicly audited means that cheating by any entity could be quickly caught. This also opens up other opportunities for providing use-cases for blockchain technology across numerous industries that rely on provable fairness such as lotteries, or other random disbursement that aren't necessarily gambling related, where a limited number of tickets (virtual assets that could represent real items) must be fairly distributed. Blockchain technology could also then be used to provide proof-of-receipt by recipients, although that is a point where trust breaks down -- you may be able to trust the blockchain, but you need a way to "trust" the delivery/recipient interaction that triggered the transaction, etc. Funfair, and online casinos like it, are doing what casinos have done since gambling became a business institution, they are also combining blockchain technology in a way that helps bridge understanding and adoption. I expect that it will also provide a bridge for regulators to better understand how blockchain ledgers can be used to make gambling and lotteries more auditable (for reasons mentioned above).

These are the most important Bitcoin influencers

14 Nov 2019 DoRi

19 November 2019
McAfee is certainly an "influencer" now. Actually worked with him for a while talking about Bitcoin-related subjects (I, as a journalist) but it's been a while since...

Review of blockchain-enabled game Chain Warriors from Destiny.Games on The Abyss

19 Nov 2019 Kyt Dotson

19 November 2019
The monsters are extremely cute. I love their graphics and the fact that they've got such amusing names.

Protests in the world explode, the cryptocurrency community supports the protesters

18 Nov 2019 Roberto D.

18 November 2019
I am curious as to how the cryptocurrency community has been part of assisting these protests. Certainly funding would be a thing that could bypass draconian governments and democratization of payments would make it easier for activist groups to get what they need to pay for supplies -- but there's also encrypted communication and organizing technologies that use cryptography and public-private key ownership to circumvent censorship and surveillance.


18 Nov 2019 gainer

18 November 2019
Is this a puzzle platfrormer? Who developed and published this game?

Note Blockchain - News & Update

16 Nov 2019 Chriss

16 November 2019
I find the idea of "social notes" that can be claimed by multiple people an interesting twist. Is this governed by the app or through smart contracts that pull from a pool of the cryptocurrency set aside for the purpose?

(IJCH) My Thoughts on "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" - A book by Phillip K. Dick and the basis for "Blade Runner"

16 Nov 2019 JaiChai

16 November 2019
I remember reading Do Androids Dream and thinking about the way that Earth had been destroyed in the story. Also, how people were concerned about seeming to lack empathy -- thus they owned pets. However, these pets are often robotic pets and there was a fake vet who were really robot repair technicians, and it was mentioned sometimes these fake "vets" would show up for real animals and not have a clue how to treat them.


26 Aug 2019 Cjkalu

16 November 2019
I notice that the "Roadmap" section of this article is missing. I am curious about this trend in blockchain-enabled gaming platforms that I've seen cropping up a lot this year. I am noticing that Oniz seems to be positioning itself as a platform primarily for sports betting and similar gambling-type game functions?


1 Nov 2019 Publish404

16 November 2019
Interesting. I've seen an increasing trend in the number of blockchain-based game token platforms this year. I like how they've been working to democratize the way that developers are able to connect with players and help provide distributed publishing models, monetization as well as mixed-economy (for example using ERC20 tokens for virtual items).

The Abyss & Waves Giving Away up to $12000 in Chain Warriors Marathon

16 Nov 2019 STAF

16 November 2019
I often play MMORPGs so this one is new to me and I'm interested in how Waves tokens work and how they intersect with the MMO economy.

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