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Blockchain evangelist - Brave enthusiast. I like the hot take as well as the long view. I like a decent synthesis of culture and technology. I have faith in human ingenuity. I love music. I live in South England. Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

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Kieran Alexis

I Don't Like Blockchain - I Love It! 

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Batting For Blockchain Lancashire-based company TIXnGo have announced a blockchain solution to ticketing. I have looked everywhere, but I can't find which chain this system is using - I'd be very interested to know! David Hornby, UK MD of SecuTix, c...

Celsius News - Compound Interest!

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Major Announcements!   Celsius Network - Compounding From Feb 2020! 1 . Loyalty Level Change  We raised the platinum earn in CEL bonus from 30% to 35%. We also raised the CEL holding requirements for the bonus levels. You need to hold enough CEL...

RADIX - Blockchain Killer?

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  So a user on here mentioned RADIX to me in a comment discussion we had at the end of my Bitcoin Prehistory post, and that got me curious. How had I not heard of a UK-based startup that claims to have solved the great scalability problem of the gen...

The DISC - The Portal - Eric Weinstein

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Thinky Time! Eric is one of my favourite thinkers and speakers. A fellow Gen X, and with an ability to define, articulate and reveal meta problems in a way that is refreshing to say the very least. The Portal is a relatively new podcast, with a remit...

Crypto-Anarchy vs Crypto-Civilization

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“I understand the rational for crypto-anarchy, but I believe in crypto-civilization.” - Larry Salibra About "When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, he solved an unsolved problem in computer science, developed the foundation for a new d...

Davos : Bilderberg Blockchain!

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Davos : Crypto Luminaries Speak At Swiss Event This is quite an impressive set of speakers for the 'Crypto Finance Conference' - and I also just saw that Team Cardano will also be attending. The program is impressive.  Now, I couldn’t tell you what...

Unstoppable Domains

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I wanted to wait until I’d built my decentralised IPFS site on the blockchain, but I haven't got to it yet  . . .  What is a blockchain domain?   Sick of Never-Ending Renting? You know that never-ending feeling of renting things? Like, say, that fe...

Bitcoin Prehistory Chart - Ansel Linder

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BTC - Long Time Coming It's always good to take a step back and take stock of where we came from, and where we might be going. I've seen this chart around for a while, and I wondered who was behind it.  Funny to think that the Chancellor of the UK at...

CEL Token & Celsius Network

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CEL Token & Celsius Network   Warren Buffet is credited with the observation that “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” There are many DeFi opportunities and people like them for good reasons, but many...

Bitcoin & Friends - Episode 1

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Bitcoin & Friends - Episode 1 If you haven't seen this brilliant animated series, it's a must see! Surprising that it has such a low view count on YT. It's a stone cold classic ;)   And the eagle-eyed among you might spot that the second episode was...