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How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay? 2018-2019 reports.

17 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $1.35 (252.4730 BNTY)

Blockchain Developer Salary 2018-2019   Hello guys as of today reports. The average base salary for a blockchain developer in Asia is $90,500 per year, with a low base salary of $50,000 and a high base salary of $140,000.   The average estimated bas...

DID YOU KNOW Universities that offering BLOCKCHAIN COURSES?

9 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $0.01 (1.6465 BNTY)

All UNIVERSITIES Universities that allowed students study on blockchain courses are bighelp on global industries. The demand for blockchain technology is naturally signaling the need for a pool of blockchain talent globally. From blockchain/cryptocur...


8 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $0.16 (28.9370 BNTY)

HYDRO AND ZEUS    Hello we're excited to announce that The ZEUS platform has integrated Hydro Raindrop @hydrogenAPI. This will add an extra layer of Security to all campaign starters on the said website. What is Zeus? Zeus Network is built on Ethereu...