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I'm a crypto enthusiast,trader ,etc.

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Tips? on how your post went Viral! WTF 7k views??

24 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $0.12 (21.4994 BNTY)

My Secret of Creating some viral Posts.   1. Create Lots of Contents - know what is trends for today. 2. Put a thoughts on your titles -  Exciting thoughts either good or bad as long they will read it. that's Fine! 3. Use something new with Original...

What?? Japanese Anime Blockchain?

23 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $1.16 (216.2974 BNTY)

JAPAN ANIME X BLOCKCHAIN We know that every year the audience,fan,viewers in the anime are keeps growing globally. The no. 1 anime industry in the world is Japan. Anime artists have to deal with a tough work ecosystem to earn just a small paycheck. ...

Is this Publish0x website BUG? OR WHAT?

22 Apr 2019 KenBerdzHydro $0.10 (19.0877 BNTY)

Hello Publish0x Team,   I found some bugs on your website. Please correct me if I'm wrong.   1.The same post. 2. Missing comment section and only report button shows below.   3. Too much loading if you click the View more?   4. A post with no bou...