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I'm 45 years old. I live in the Netherlands and I'm interested in crypto coins since 3 years.

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The easiest guide to earn BTC, DOGE, LTC, BCH and DASH

1 Aug 2020 Roberto D.

01 August 2020
I'm using it for a few months now. The earnings in altcoins is not that high but you can use the multiplier to get some more coins. For every star you get, you earn more coins. Unfortenately I lost also a lot of coins (about a week earnings in coinpot coins) in one day. Whitdrawals were fine and are safe in my wallet now. Only BCH couldn't be transferred to any of my wallets. Coinpot told me they were not legit so I changed them for BTC. However since the rise of BTC the coinpot token has become less valuable. In the beginning I could change at a rate of 170, now it is only 85. But who cares, it is free money.

Coinpot Faucets Hacked, but Funds are Safe

6 Jun 2020 Thomas Wolf

23 June 2020
Hi Thomas, Today I lost more than 10,000 tokens just with 1 roller!! I lost more than 8000 and then stopped it, there were 1700 left. Later that day I saw all my coinpot tokens were gone. Even when I didn't roll, strange. I mailed them but their mailbox is full. I will try again. Did you experienced this also once? Greetings John

Overcoming The Coronavirus Is The Only Viable Solution For The Survival Of Mankind

2 Apr 2020 Smoljanović

02 April 2020
You couldn't have said it better. It's the same way I think about it. Here in the Netherlands we have a policy like that. However there are always some stupid people who don't think about other's safety. I hope this weekend they will think about that, because the wetter is gonna be very good to go outside. Total isolation wouldn't solve the problem either. It's just extension of execution. When everybody goes out together in a few weeks and the virus has not dissapeared, there will be a massive problem again when people are not immune. You are lucky to have some space in Sweden 😃 Stay healthy

An easy way to make money from home at the time of the quarantine #1

23 Mar 2020 Roberto D.

26 March 2020
What about privacy? Can they "look" in your device when you're connected? As I read it, they can see everything your'e doing on the internet.

Top Things You Should Know About Chainlink (LINK)

17 Feb 2020 MuyAsk

19 February 2020
Good article Well written and good research

Top Things You Should Know About Binance

29 Jan 2020 MuyAsk

31 January 2020
Great article and handbook of Binance :)

What Is Hydro (HYDRO)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Hydro]

17 Jan 2020 Mr.CryptoWiki

18 January 2020
Very nice project. I hope it will get more attention so that it can grow and be more attractive for people to invest.

Free BTC and a little fun

5 Jan 2020 Ajaxjappie

10 January 2020
I also tried 2 accounts but you can only roll once per hour at your IP-adres. I got some and I wil try it for a longer time.

Free BTC and a little fun

5 Jan 2020 Ajaxjappie

05 January 2020
It's just a few. But I will try it, maybe I'm lucky.

Enjin Crypto Wallet - Review and Features

26 Dec 2019 The Part Time Economist

03 January 2020
Thank you, I'm going to try it.

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