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I love Jesus and have been absolutely enthralled with crypto currencies since I was introduced to bitcoin about 2 years ago when I began investing and studying blockchain technology and investing.

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How'd this tiny cap coin get a coinbase listing and why's no one talking about it?

9 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

Did you miss this coin with a $10 million market cap listed on Coinbase in December of last year? I did. Just recently realized how tiny this company is that Coinbase gave a chance before a Bittrex or Binance listing. Looks like a ridiculous opportun...

True Freedom

8 Apr 2020 3 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

We search for freedom is so many ways. We think we're free because we can do whatever we please, we have economic freedom or even establishing decentralized currencies we feel can't be manipulated by a small, central group of people empowers us and g...

Anyone else get shorted on Tezos staking on Binance this month?

21 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

I switched my Tezos over to Binance from Coinbase to stake because I didn't like the way Coinbase stakes Tezos and Binance claims a higher staking reward, but Binance claimed to pay out 6.5% this month, but the math didn't add up for me. 13,899.4942...

Is halving effect kicking in or crypto simply proving it may actually be a hedge?

19 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

As bitcoin gains nearly 20 percent and every coin on the market is up nearly 10 percent and some much more we have to wonder if the halving effect is kicking in. In the same breath though, is crypto showing it at least has the potential to be a bette...

Coinbase lawyer appointed to treasury position

17 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

Brian Brooks, the top lawyer of Coinbase will become the chief operating officer and first deputy comptroller of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on April 1. The OCC serves to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and thri...

Wondering if coronavirus fears are reasonable?

14 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

150,000 people die on an average day worldwide! 3,700 die on an average day in car wrecks! I've been questioning the reactions to coronavirus and after looking up those numbers today, I'm convinced most of it is downright silly for something that has...

Where to put your money when even gold struggles to gain footing in turbulence

3 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

After bitcoin was hammered by the uncertainty the coronavirus is causing, then even gold lost 3 percent in a day, where do you go to protect your wealth in these scary times? First I want to say gold has slowly rebounded and recovered most of this lo...

6 Dead and 12 others infected in Washington as worldwide cases surpasses 90,000

3 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

Reports are claiming 6 are dead in Washington and 12 more are infected. Though I think this thing is being blown out of proportion talk is starting of people beginning to rush the groceries to load up and I'm sure its already happening in areas wher...

Coronavirus now in USA

28 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

The first case of Coronavirus has hit California. A young women has been steadily declining and has been placed on an incubator after fighting the virus for at least a week. Im getting out to the grocery to load up on food soon before news continues...

A simple new perspective that has transformed my marriage

28 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Jesusisamazing

One thing I find that nearly ever marriage I've ever seen has in common is 2 people still acting like individuals fighting one another and trying to prove they're right to get their way or prove a point.  The whole point of marriage is 2 becoming 1....


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31 July 2020

Reminder: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x Users Ends in 2 Days!

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31 July 2020

VPN software on top of decentralized blockchain

16 Apr 2020 exaggerator

16 April 2020
His coinbase links aren't any different than anyone else's just wants you to use his so when you do come up on the list he'll earn from it.

Christians Defining Words Badly: 2020-04-09

10 Apr 2020 LoonyLiberal

10 April 2020
I'm sorry. Definitely don't want you to feel I'm trying to push anything on you.

Christians Defining Words Badly: 2020-04-09

10 Apr 2020 LoonyLiberal

10 April 2020
Yeah, I get what you're saying. A lot of the things I believe are because of encounters I've had with God, the ways He's changed me and worked in the lives of people around me, but I understand with your experiences it brings a whole different perspective and again I sincerely apologize for the actions of people who claim to be acting in the name of God but act nothing like Him. I wish you the best and definitely don't see you as a villain, but totally understand where you're at with God due to the state of people who claim to be Christians and even some who truly are in today's church.

Christians Defining Words Badly: 2020-04-09

10 Apr 2020 LoonyLiberal

10 April 2020
I believe God's done that through Jesus. Jesus was in very nature God or I believe God in the flesh and He came to serve, heal, deliver and love. We have the women at the well, the women caught in adultery the Pharisees wanted to stone, the blind beggar everyone was telling to shut up and many other cases of Him turning away the wrath of the crowd toward people despised by society, loving them and meeting their need. God has revealed Himself and His nature through Jesus, so when a group of people go out doing and saying things totally contrary to that it seems to me that they should be the ones scrutinized and dismissed, not God. Jesus never had a harsh word or rebuke for unbelievers, but often did for the religious who claimed to know and speak for God yet lived like hypocrites motivated by the devil.

Christians Defining Words Badly: 2020-04-09

10 Apr 2020 LoonyLiberal

10 April 2020
I really appreciate that, but I encourage you don't look at His people to understand who He is at least not right now because the church as a whole is lost. But when I was selling drugs about 7 years ago and thought about God so little that I have no idea what I thought about eternity He showed up to me gently, in love with, peace and joy and delivered me from addiction and transformed me in a moment. He loves you and longs for you in the same way and even if what im saying seems like a fairy tale, I plead with you to just stop for a moment and say something like, God if you really are who and like this man says please show me. Im sorry if this feels like too much or pushy but when I read your comment it broke my heart and I wept and I rarely get the chance to share with people like you anymore but it's a great privilege.

Christians Defining Words Badly: 2020-04-09

10 Apr 2020 LoonyLiberal

10 April 2020
Hey man just wanted to apologize on behalf of the church for all of this junk that so poorly represents who Jesus is. It's easy to get things twisted in your heart, deceived by pride and think you're doing right when you're way out in left field using Gods words in a way He never intended and never Himself did. I pray that one day you'll encounter Him for yourself or even just someone who knows Him and looks like Him and not have to rely on such poor representations of who He is.

Will Bitcoin be trading hands on NYSE soon? SEC will decide tomorrow

26 Feb 2020 Jesusisamazing

27 February 2020
Thanks. Really appreciate the feedback.

Don't buy gold!!! There's a better way to invest in gold and see greater returns

21 Feb 2020 Jesusisamazing

24 February 2020
Yeah absolutely I'll try to get something together today. Thanks for reading and your interest.

Tezos Staking 101: Solo Baking Isn't for Everyone

22 Feb 2020 JP Buntinx

23 February 2020
Any idea what kind of returns baking yields?

My Early Childhood Memories

14 Feb 2020 ArmFarm

14 February 2020
You're amazing. Thanks for sharing your faith and stories.

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Algorand is a Byzantine Agreement Protocol on steroids

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When I started my route as an Algorand ambassador, at first I had a wish to ask a few questions to the leaders of this blockchain project, which claims to solve the blockchain trilemma. After a few weeks, this wish became reality and so here comes my...

A marketer's view on publish0x stats: is it worth to publish here?

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There's one thing I normally do as soon as I visit an interesting site: I look at its stats.  One of the most popular tools to estimate another site's traffic and engagement is "SimilarWeb", but it's possible to get some interesting insights about c...

Ethereum Is Forming Bullish Shark For Another Bullish Move

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How To Trade Well

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Episode 7: What is #Ripple? What is #XRP? Part 1

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In Episode 7: The New Creation Podcast, we take the next step into our investigation after looking into the IMF, Digital currency and world banks. There is one coming that kept coming up that deals with money and payments, that is Ripple, so we dec...



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