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A passion for investing since 2015 but only truly began in early 2020.

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Apollo National Currency – The First CBDC as a Service Platform

15 Aug 2020 Crypto Adventure

15 August 2020
Probably because it is easier to print money fraudulently when there isn't any transparency.

Busy? Here are 5 ways to increase your BAT, BNB and BTC for free!

10 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

11 July 2020
"I saved 1BTC, and chose to use the "locked" option, which gave me a whopping 1% a day return. So at the end of 7 days, I had 7% extra BTC." 7% in seven days is also 365% every 365 days.

Busy? Here are 5 ways to increase your BAT, BNB and BTC for free!

10 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

11 July 2020
With your 1 btc in binance, are you suggesting you are making 365% apr? 1% per day seems like you made a mistake...

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Apollo National Currency – The First CBDC as a Service Platform

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