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"I Invest In Crypto And Get Crazy Rich Quick!" 🤨 Really?

13 Aug 2020 Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

14 August 2020
Thanks for the eye opener! Especially the DYOR part. I'm just getting to know about crypto recently

Simple English:Web 3.0-ETH-BTC

14 Aug 2020 Cryptopsycho21

14 August 2020
I'm new to crypto, but the way you've laid bare is so simple for a dummy like me to get one or two ideas. Thanks

DeFi PoolTogether Explained

12 Aug 2020 D3F1

12 August 2020
Wow, this invention is really great! Instead of loosing, you're contributing to the growth of the pool community & still be able to take back from it! Am not sure there's anything better than this.

Liked Articles

Dash Podcast 152: Rodrigo of Dash Brazil

15 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

YouTuber Rodrigo of Dash Brazil comes on the podcast to talk about Dash adoption in Brazil, as well as the state of cryptocurrency as a whole in Latin America. We talk about Brazil's impending transition away from card-based payment solutions, and w...

V1.5 Release – Images, Audio Messages, Emoji Reactions & More!

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Status Community Updates

Status v1.5 introduces a bunch of new features that make your messaging experience a whole lot more enjoyable and make you feel connected while being miles apart. Features that make staying connected with your friends, family, and communities fun for...

Decred Price Prediction: Everything that You Need to Know

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments ChangeNOW

Officially launched in February 2016, Decred was the brain-child of Company0 CEO, Jake Yocom-Piatt. Jake’s desire to build Decred was inspired by the issues embedded in Bitcoin’s system of governance. Jake described the system as an “informal oligarc...

MooniSwap Review - The New Uniswap Alternative with higher Yields (From liquidity)

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments LiteLiger

MooniSwap Thoughts Mooniswap is the next generation of an automated market maker with virtual balances — enabling liquidity providers to capture profits otherwise captured by arbitrageurs - Puzzled by the front-running problem, Vitalik Buterin propo...

Simple English:Web 3.0-ETH-BTC

14 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments Cryptopsycho21

WEB 3.0 is a term that pops up a lot in the cryptoindustry.  So what is it and why is it fundamental to understanding Etherium, their vision, and one of the main differences between Etherium and Bitcoin. A little history first, in the begin God gifte...

Run for the Unicorns

13 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Buzzbeeg

Run for the Unicorns! There is a virtual conference coming up called Run for the Unicorns. It will feature panels and speakers on blockchain games, cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and more! The virtual conference will be 10 A...

I've put $7000 into 7 DeFi Platforms [Week #4]

13 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Brawnd0

Four weeks ago, on July 14th 2020 I've put ~$7000 across various DeFi platforms. Here's the first post if you've missed it.  Today, one month after I'm presenting you not only the ROI in $ but also, as promised, the details on return on tokens themse...

"I Invest In Crypto And Get Crazy Rich Quick!" 🤨 Really?

13 Aug 2020 8 minute read comments Cryptonator`s Airdrop Hunt

Some people think that they will get rich quick simply by investing in cryptocurrencies. That`s the typical moon-boy attitude that does not often meet the reality of investors. Well, when you look at the recent altcoin pumps, you have to come to the...

Presearch | Community AMA Summary with CTO Trey Grainger

12 Aug 2020 15 minute read comments Presearch

Last Friday, on August 7th, Presearch organized a community Ask-Me-Anything event with the recently hired CTO, Trey Grainger. It was a great session and we’re happy to share a summary for all of you who missed the event. Introduction Marco: So, Trey...

The Importance of Governance in Digital Currency Projects

12 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments Tao of Satoshi

Over the course of cryptocurrency's existence, we have seen it capable of some amazing things. However, the techonological prowess of this relatively new industry invariably meets with human shortcomings when it comes to governance. Find out bad exam...



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