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A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity

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Transhumanism Begins In Michigan Under New Govt Employee Implant Agenda

11 Aug 2020 3 minute read 2 comments IRUUR1

NWON - MICHIGAN - CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY IN DISPUTE - The global technocracy's control over the constitutional rights over government employees, will make them completely aligned with states like Illinois, California, and New York. Human Assets In...


11 Aug 2020 2 minute read 1 comment IRUUR1

NWON and many other outlets are beginning to uncover the paper trail that exposes the fraudulent framework for global martial law. Rather than an epidemiological approach to a global infection, it is a political, economic strategy...

DNA Property Rights: New Vaccines May Alter You Legally

1 Aug 2020 4 minute read 2 comments IRUUR1

The DNA property rights case law couldn't be murkier on this subject and there seems to be a lot of rush to do something that could change the ownership rights of your very genetic structure when it is altered with an RNA, DNA, mechanical code. DNA P...

Covid vaccine trial: News anchor receives first shot in US Phase 3

28 Jul 2020 2 minute read 1 comment IRUUR1

This was found today by one of our  favorite official informal contributors - WhoisJohnGalt Not surprisingly Dr. Fauci is in on it virtue of his connection to NIH, NIAID Background and Article Excerpts The vaccine is developed as the new RNA technol...

Trump Expands Military Police Power: Health - Local Law

16 Jul 2020 1 minute read 1 comment IRUUR1

NWON - The increasing new normal police state unfolding around the world continues as President Trump expands yet again, domestic military authority in the U.S. The federal government can now use police state tactics under the cover of law enforcemen...

Mission Impossible; Indicting Elites In Courts of Law

9 Jul 2020 2 minute read 0 comments IRUUR1

Good morning Mr. Phelps.  On March 23, 2020 a consortium of banking interests began seizing control of the worlds assets through the US Federal Reserve. By printing fiat currency backed by the value of the Petrodollar, currently used as world currenc...

SYSTEM BREAKDOWN: Pope Francis Calls Church "Mother Of Harlets": Himself "The Man Of Sin In The Bible" - Smuggled Video

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments IRUUR1

WATCH VIDEO Pope speaks about end time and Illuminati. Unless this is a grand promo for a move trailer, it confirms our IRUUR1 NWON, basic research and story direction in many ways. Pope Francis Denounces Church/Papacy in Apparantly Smuggled Video...

Alternative Press Style Point: Challenge and Advantage

5 Jul 2020 3 minute read 0 comments IRUUR1

The MSM control over distribution, relative to the alternative press, consists of two essential elements. The first is one trillion plus dollars worth of investments in media assets, under their control. The second is the AP style point. Style Point,...

Q, Quantum Global Financial System Reset: IRUUR1 Interjects

25 Jun 2020 2 minute read 0 comments IRUUR1

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Q – Intro of Quantum Financial System and Global Currency Reset – VIDEO q  is an activist group which claims, extraterrest...

CoVid Vaccines Modify Human DNA: Latest Studies

23 Jun 2020 1 minute read 3 comments IRUUR1 Covid vaccine studies are proving the so called vaccine deniers right. Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds: Fact Check Proves COVID-19 Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans A recent covid vaccine video intervie...


Another DeFi project scam: Yfdex vanishes with $20 million

12 Sep 2020 PVMihalache

13 September 2020
Hi. Went and wrote an article about your article on the Ox. Thanks for a great article - Here is ours -

While Everyone was Panicking, I Was Buying!

7 Sep 2020 johnwege

07 September 2020
Shared you article on my site

While Everyone was Panicking, I Was Buying!

7 Sep 2020 johnwege

07 September 2020
Wow. Just what I needed. Haven't traded for a while. Stocks, treas, and limited partshps kind of stuff. Got into crypto 2nd week of aug. Got eth at 400. Watched it go up, and down. Checked the news, saw some videos I barely understood in detail but enough to assess that crypto wasn't going anywhere but up eventually. The problems with eth would work through. Saw how currencies were working in and out of eth. So started buying following the market down. Would have liked to have your experience. Perhaps I would have found some of your picks. Got the easy stuff. Lend, bnb, Ox, BAT, loopring, holo, Fun, just to see it go up and down on the cheap and perhaps learn from it and even add some games to my site. also a few others.

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 Igor Tomić

01 September 2020
One of our editors currently invests in a crypto that will satisfy the needs of millions and millions of ether transactions. If a million people invested in it, they would be able to lower gas costs, by an increase in their transaction load commensurate with additional investment capital. This would increase their profit, resulting in increased currency value/profit, and more assets to devote to more transaction load, into the foseeable next two years of anticipated blockchain strategy on Ethereum. There are a couple of currencies our editors have looked at based on bitcoin as well.

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 Igor Tomić

01 September 2020
I believe the Ethereum environment is clogged as the next level is slowly integrating. there are gas streamlining currencies in play for second level. Investment capital, tied up in dollars, stocks and metals now. With the dollar falling, creative people who have money in dollars, should be encouraged to find crypto that builds according to the value of their reasoning, so to speak. In other words if it looks like an improvement, is run intelligently and satisfies a need, then get out of dollars which are being killed in their present form, and into crypto. More investment capital will lower gas prices as people find those currencies solving their problem and invest in them. Bitcoin based blockchain solutions come to mind as well. If a bitcoin based crypto is developing a smoother gas stream overall on the blockchain, Ethereum gas prices may fall overall as well. I see good long range solutions. Getting people comfortable investing in, and conveniently transacting on, as well as potentially profiting from the blockchain, personally and in their business is key.

The Pandemic Legal Fraud and the Fear To Confront It - Timeline To Tyranny

15 Aug 2020 IRUUR1

16 August 2020
To do that we will need to stop the mail in balloting. Lots of fraud there


17 Jun 2020 IRUUR1

18 June 2020
IRUUR1 is researching the Jesse Perez Casanova theory of the birth certificate and the government corporation theory, that allow governments to act outside of national constitutions, and use a birth certificate to identify citizens as property of the corporation to which all public value is assigned without disclosing the process to the citizen. This is an act of fraud if true. LOOK FOR UPDATES

The Earth Species

27 Sep 2019 Daniel Goldman

27 September 2019
Typo. Meant to say; - That which you say we may be arbitrarily identifying as species, may be a sort of hierarchy of purpose in nature or Creation

The Earth Species

27 Sep 2019 Daniel Goldman

27 September 2019
Great Stuff You are helping to define species on a solid basis. I am thinking that Creation is a species of sorts. All nature and species form in the unknown, determine a life, establish a value and finds a social order that has identity in nature or Creation. Non species example on earth. Through a series of cosmic gymnastics a molten mass called earth is formed. It is a product of the unknown, it has determined a life. Begins establishing value. It's molten state is already a social order that has identity in creation. From that it cools and begins the process again. mineralogical elements form mountains pushing up from the molten embryo, Then we identify species emerging. Forest communities with other species communities, animals flowers mushrooms etc. Even People. All with the same 5 basic characteristics. Product of the unknown, self determining a life, establishing a value, forming social order, and identity in nature or Creation in general. That which you say we may be arbitrarily identifying as species, a hierarchy of purpose in nature or Creation. But again is a rock a species or a part of a hierarchy of purpose in nature common to species? When I think of species, I think of coded information in nature, DNA. Organisms with wiring that begin to reproduce with the purpose of sustainability, potentiality according to the DNA wiring. Is DNA a basis for species. Molecular rock is not the same as DNA, or is it?

The Fifth and Tenth Amendments

6 Sep 2019 Daniel Goldman

15 September 2019
On immigration. If a person is convicted of having entered illegally then they would not be a person under the Constitution?

Sri Krishna Jayanti Fri 23 August – The Advent of an Avatar

26 Aug 2019 Bitcoin Babaji

28 August 2019
When we become the avatar of our purpose in each moment there is no reason to wait for the avatar. Better to use the time spent in praying for the avatars return, for avatars of purpose to prepare a a feast for all avatars great and small in honor of Krishna. How could such an avatar as Krishna, refuse an invitation to such a feast.

Travel Photography: The Dolphin

27 Aug 2019 OG Crypto

28 August 2019
Love to see a photo play on an excursion or tour on one of those suckers.

USA against CHINA: the cryptocurrency trade war

27 Aug 2019 Roberto D.

28 August 2019
China is the economic model for modern despotism. China is a global initiative for global economic control of the economy. China's military, lobbying and infiltration of other nations including the US, is subsidized through international agreement, favored status in trade deals, ultimately tied to a global asset investment strategy, which is a changing condition as the most powerful among us fight each other for the best return on their investment. Trump is simply pulling the subsidization plug and letting the crap drain out to revel China's true value. - As for your blockchain gold standard, who will defend it. China or the US. Will you hare a police force to guard your servers. Will you trust the experts in control to do it for you? How much will you pay for China's investors to control your system?

Severe Global Warming headed for Canada

28 Aug 2019 OG Crypto

28 August 2019
They are going to try to censor that publication one of these days. Invariably more accurate than any master class environmental computer disaster model yet devised. The almanac and solar observations both have been indicating increasing cooler weather.

Mushrooms occurring in Europe - Inonotus nidus-pici

28 Aug 2019 marianomariano

28 August 2019
What do the mushrooms do? Do they feed the soil or increase forest inter-functionality or is this species purpose, like ours, unknown?

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

25 Jul 2019 IRUUR1

11 August 2019
The End........

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

25 Jul 2019 IRUUR1

11 August 2019
From that point I began this outline to invite other more learned in other kinds of fields kinds of people, so to speak, to jump in and further elaborate on, or disprove the hypothesis. This outline is based primarily from my acquired knowledge, based primarily on theories for acquiring knowledge by Alan Watts and others. I now seek more academic correlations.

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

25 Jul 2019 IRUUR1

11 August 2019
Applying it to tech science. The planet is like a server that runs programs connected to the Bionet. We are but a program. The active and passive elements of self determining and establishing value then would be our 0's and 1's. - This thinking led me to ask; Are there correlations in computer science? I discovered that our DNA code is similar to computer code based on string theory.

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

25 Jul 2019 IRUUR1

11 August 2019
It is like a signal path with the unknown as the source and it appears to be hardwired.

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

25 Jul 2019 IRUUR1

11 August 2019
Hey thanks, just saw this. This first iteration is mean't as an outline. An attempt to create a species, psyche profile. Simply identifying the basic undeniable elements of behavior. Such as the immediate at birth primal need to unfold the unknown immediately, as a unifying, deniable by no one, fact. It effects all actions of our species. At least at this point in our evolution. We also cannot stop determining what we want and why, based on our individual perception of value. It is perpetual and unceasing every second, even now as I write and you read in this shared moment beyond time.. Therefore it can be defined as instinctual and carries an anthropological reasoning. Does that make sense?

Liked Articles

Beware of Unified Cybersecurity Solutions Claiming to Help CISO's

17 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Matthew Rosenquist

I am seeing many security vendors developing products to unify solutions into a single management interface. I fear this is just a sales tactic to gain greater market share and not intended to help the plight of CISO’s A recent article from Computer...

Bitcoin Briefly Breaks Out Above $11,000 but Cannot Sustain Higher Prices (TA - 17th September)

17 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments pheonixdown-dee

The Bitcoin (BTC) price reached a high above $11,100, purportedly breaking out from the current pattern, but was rejected by an important Fib level and has been decreasing since.   Bitcoin Rejected At Resistance Technical indicators have begun to...

Growing Excitement Around Presearch!

14 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments BryRi

If you are reading this, odds are that you may have clicked through the opportunity to take part in one of the biggest developments over the last couple years. Growing Excitement Around Presearch!   How do you "DeGoogle" yourself? When I was growing...

Another DeFi project scam: Yfdex vanishes with $20 million

12 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments PVMihalache

DeFi food court is as poisonous as a bowl of mussels left in the sun in August. After YAM and PASTA was SUSHI's turn to disappoint the community and exit scam. This was rather surprising as they had a nice build up community and the Sushi project was...

How Ethical is Advertising in Crypto?

7 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

Cryptocurrency is based on open-source software, much of it developed for free or relying on generous donations. But how ethical is it to use platforms to advertise for products? Is there a way to earn revenue for advertising services while keeping...

While Everyone was Panicking, I Was Buying!

7 Sep 2020 4 minute read comments johnwege

Only a few days ago, almost everyone in the crypto market was sure that we were in the midst of the next bull market, and then the rug was pulled out from beneath us.  Bitcoin had dropped to under $10,000, Ethereum had dipped to around $300, Chainlin...

DeFi Heats Up as Curve Finance is About to Get Forked

4 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Abhi K

A new fork of Curve Finance (CRV), called Swerve, is due to launch soon, according to a tweet posted on September 4. The developers behind the fork state that it will employ a more fair distribution model for its native token, SWRV. All of the 33 mi...

Announcement: Payouts Delayed Due to Extremely High ETH Gas Fees

1 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Image: A screenshot from EtherGasStation taken by me today.   Update (September 8th): Payouts have been completed a week late. Thank you for all of your feedback and patience! The solution we've settled on to remedy the high gas fees is to switch fr...

Synthetic Futures Primer

21 Aug 2020 13 minute read comments Synthetix Network

Introduction This post will cover a number of areas relating to the upcoming launch of synthetic futures. It will provide a high level overview of the current proposed design of futures detailed in SIP-80. It will also provide background on the diff...

Ethereum ETH Integrated for Tipping, Min Withdrawal Increased AND 30% Bigger Rewards!

6 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Dan Bainbridge

We've got 3 super exciting updates to share with you today! These include an addition of a tipping token, an increase in minimum withdrawal threshold, and a big increase in rewards!   1. ETH Integrated for Tipping. We've just integrated another tipp...



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