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Vite Wallet Airdrop Reminder: Claim Your Share of 5 Million BANANO

9 Feb 2020 banano

11 February 2020
It's been a long time and it hasn't done anything yet

Top 5 –How NOT to Invest in Crypto

10 Feb 2020 CryptoSorted

11 February 2020
Thank you for your feedback Keep learning

Project Hydro AMA

10 Feb 2020 User__________

11 February 2020
ဒီခေါင်းစဉ်ကိုစာရွက်အိတ်ထဲမှာကြီးကြပ်ကြည့်ရတာဖြစ်နိုင်တယ်၊ သင်၏ Snowflake protocoll ကိုကျွန်ုပ်အသုံးပြုပါကခွင့်ပြုထားသောငွေထုတ်နှုန်းများကို per-r တွင်သတ်မှတ်နိုင်လိမ့်မည်ဟုကျွန်ုပ်ဖတ်ပြီးပြီ

The Game Changing Feature of the Brave Browser Is Now Live 👍

11 Feb 2020 Brawnd0

11 February 2020
When will this be on desktop I wonder.

Binance is the King of The Hill. And that's Bad for Decentralization.

7 Feb 2020 SkinnerCrypto

11 February 2020
Thank you for this!Like you I must try

Justin Sun, Charlie Lee and Warren Buffet dinner finally happened

6 Feb 2020 Mamaecrypto

11 February 2020
Good writing! I'll tryThank you!Because

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BANANO Won Ataix Exchange Community Voting and was listed with EUR and BTC pairs (+ 1 Million BAN Airdrop)!

12 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments banano

Today, BANANO was listed on Ataix exchange, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia, with EURO and BTC pairs. This is BANANO’s first FIAT pair, meaning you can buy $BAN with EUR directly at Ataix now. BANANO was listed after finishing...


12 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments uygarpelin

Hello There,Today I will try to get out of the ordinary with a nice link to share while giving you information about swissborg. Once you know a little about Swissborg you can click on the link below for much more. STHR2019 FOR BEGINNERS INTRODUCTION...

Earn cash everyday

11 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments kengtong

I’m earning real cash by simply reading news in this app! or Join me using link here: . To earn extra bonus, enter my referral code B02025045 after you start using it! If you use my referral code B02025045 you will get some cash...

FunFair (FUN) Price Prediction 2020 - $0.012 Possible? 

11 Feb 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

FunFair did not really have a ‘fun’ year of trading during 2019 after dropping by a small 20% throughout the year. It had opened 2019 at a price of $0.0041 and went on to close the year at a price of around $0.0033.  Although the year price drop was...

Art Mikveh "Popular Indie Artist"

11 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments E. K. Washington

Art Mikveh made his debut as an underground rap musician when the then 17 year old, was invited to the home studio of a friend he met at his local church. There the first underground mixtape with gangsta personified lyrics highlighting the street lif...

Top Things You Should Know About IOTA (MIOTA)

10 Feb 2020 15 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) Now that the altcoin market is heating up once again, I’ve compiled an information-packed peace on IOTA (MIOTA) to help you fundamentally understand what this popular cryptocurrency project is all about. Hope you enjoy it! The list of Q&A...

Weiss ratings agency upgrades BTC and ETH to an A- or "Excellent" investment rating

10 Feb 2020 5 minute read comments mduchow

Weiss ratings industry opened in 1971, primarily rating Indices and Securities. However, in 2018 they expanded into the digital asset markets and began to apply their unique ratings method against Cryptocurrencies. As with any establishment financial...

I got finally approved! | My first post

9 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments rifraf

When I opened my mail program and saw the title "Your author request was approved" of a new mail, I was so happy! So here it is, my first post on publish0x Since it is (or should be) winter in Germany, I decided to post a winter picture. Unfortunatel...

Top Things You Should Know About Tron (TRX)

31 Jan 2020 23 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) I’m back with another information-packed piece to give you a deep understanding and insight on Tron (TRX)! If you haven’t seen my last piece on Binance and BNB, be sure to check that out too. Hope you enjoy the read! To Buy, Sell, or Trad...

Top Things You Should Know About Binance

29 Jan 2020 45 minute read comments MuyAsk

Hey guys :) It’s been a while since the last time I posted about MakerDAO, DAI & SAI, however, the following piece - on Binance and BNB took much longer than I expected to put together so I hope you enjoy it! The list of Q&A is pretty long so first c...