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I'm a Venezuelan in Brazil

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RE: Not receiving Brave ads? Here is why.

6 May 2020 ScreenTag

07 May 2020
I live in Brazil. At the first I received notifications ads but it stops it suddenly, anyone knows why? and sorry for my English


11 Feb 2020 Otek

02 March 2020
Good information friend but this is a ERC20 token? Can I use myetherwallet to withdraw it?

Learn How To Claim Free Ecoin Tokens?

1 Mar 2020 Everythingcrypto

01 March 2020
When will be the distribution? And what kind of wallet do you recommend!


20 Feb 2020 charlesfuchs

01 March 2020
Where will be the distribution? And what kind of wallet do you recommend?

How To Transfer BAT From Uphold Wallet To Coinbase (Step By Step)

7 Jan 2020 tomoyan

08 January 2020
Thanks for the information but do you know how can I add funds to my Uphold BAT card from publish0x for example?

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Jokes for a dollar.

27 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Danyakot

Guys don't know how to talk to women. When we're in a man's company, we say these things about you... Phrase #1 — "I would blow it." "Well, if there was time, so to speak.".. This is usually said by the guy who has a wart on his face. Don't worry, la...

Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (27.07.20)

27 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments InsanisFox

BTC/USD Over the past weekend, the bulls continued to try to gain a foothold above the blue trendline of the local up-trend. On Saturday, they managed to renew the July high in the area of ​​9750.00 USD, and after a pullback, the dashed trend line p...

Welcome to the Office

27 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments rah

I wrote this article a few years ago for my website, but it is more relevant than ever during these times of pandemic, I have taken the children to school. I am back home and have made my coffee and now I am ready to work – yet I am not self-employe...

Easiest Coins to Pump from Binance & OKEx

27 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments Tikyi Khant

7/27/2020 Hi EveryoneIn Current Market,Bigcaps are rising in USD but lowcaps are decreasing in both USD and Satoshi.So,it's time to accumulate on lowcaps/midcaps and I believe many traders will find my list useful. I would like to point out the easie...

Ampleforth Flips Maker, Becomes the Second Biggest DeFi Project on CoinMarketCap

27 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

Ampleforth (AMPL), the non dilutive asset with an elastic supply that has been making headlines in the DeFi market, has become the second biggest DeFi project on CoinMarketCap. Source Ampleforth overtakes Maker (MKR) and Compound (COMP), both of whi...

Introducing ANT liquidity rewards

22 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments Aragon-Official

We are thrilled to announce Aragon's first foray into ANT liquidity rewards. Following in the footsteps of other great DeFi projects such as Synthetix, that pioneered the concept of liquidity rewards, the Aragon Association has decided to launch our...

PayPal Rumoured to Have Chosen Paxos for Crypto Services

20 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

PayPal is rumoured to have chosen Paxos (PAX) to facilitate its cryptocurrency services, according to two sources of CoinDesk. Neither PayPal nor Paxos has offered a comment following the story’s publishing. In June 2020, reports emerged that PayPal...

Uphold Has A New Web Wallet

16 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments The Writer Guru

Introducing the new web wallet from Uphold. I'll be providing a preview and reporting any bugs that I may come across.    Here's the new login./providing 2AF authentication.     The layout is really nice. I really appreciate that they provide noti...


15 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments cryptoforcanadians

I'll keep this post brief as it's more of a warning and a public service announcement than one of my usual posts. It appears that several figures' Twitter accounts have been hacked and are saying that they're going to give you x2 the Bitcoin of whate...

Announcing the BZRX Token Migration

13 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments bzxHQ

  The new BZRX token will be launched on the Ethereum mainnet Monday, July 13th, 2020. BZRXv1 token holders can easily migrate to the new BZRX token using our Staking Dashboard at https://staking.bzx.network.   Token holders will need to migrate in...



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