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Steem Witnesses Freeze Steemit Stake To Block Tron

28 Feb 2020 Scott Cunningham

29 February 2020
I never knew what to do on the steem network, got bored on instant to be frankly. Really, everything i tried to read, i gave up halfway because i had no idea why that would be interesting to anyone and pay the writer for it too. And the different keys to login and the need to sort it all outwich key to use there and where i had that those stored again and again when logging in to some other steem Dapp or side project is a pain in the ass. So, for me there is only one thing to say about this TRON move, maybe it will become an interesting platform now with some advanced, useable login system.

Publish0xTutorials - Safely Store Your BAT in a Cold Wallet by Chiseling it in Stone

6 Feb 2020 friend

24 February 2020
I was thinking to hide it under the stone slab for the time capsule at the Georgia Guidstones. Nobody been digging there, while it's there for 40 years already. Or... I will go to Mercury, to one of the poles where its always dark and -220 degrees Celsius.... Oh wait i just send em to Celsius after exchanging them to a stablecoin and get 10% interest on them. No stone slab will do that lol. But i like your story. It was fun to read. Only problem will be to buy some land in one of those states you mentioned and a 2 way ticket to fly from Europe to there. I will never get enough BAT to cover those costs lol.

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14 Feb 2020 banano

19 February 2020
The fun part is, it was Banano that brought me here to And i stayed for the other tokens too. ban_1g1riu8hygixa5npeg8pjqzydydyjjtyi5cc5tw5hhysc13hre117uhbb1eh

0x (ZRX) Price Prediction 2020 - $0.80 Possible? 

18 Feb 2020 CryptoChartWizard91

19 February 2020
All is possible, nothing can be known, for it's worthy depends on what people do, not a natural phenomena. It always is kinda funny for me when people try to predict such a coin that could go sky high or down to nothing. One banker or rich investor will do it.

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave

15 Jan 2020 MuyAsk

19 February 2020
Bro, nice piece of info. But you are missing some big part of it all. Before, i didn't see the use for using this browser and token, because with my limited view on it, it was generating ads, which gave me tokens and i could only give those away to others. Is that what i was watching ads for? So i deleted the browser. Now almost a year later i picked it up again and went through the registration on Uphold. Now it's looking more like a useful token. Here you can swap your tokens to other tokens or to fiat. And that without fee. It's very interesting now. I don't have much yet, but it's growing little by little. You can do some more stuff with it on Uphold, so have a look.

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Steem Witnesses Freeze Steemit Stake To Block Tron

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0x (ZRX) Price Prediction 2020 - $0.80 Possible? 

18 Feb 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

0x had a troublesome year during 2019 as the cryptocurrency dropped by a total of 20% throughout the period. It had opened trading in 2019 at a price of $0.29 and went on to close the year at a price of around $0.18. It did experience some great move...

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BAT Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

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Welcome to Publish0x!

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