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I am inspired by believe. I am a writer and editor. I started out with a passion for writing at age 5. I wrote stories and made presentations in acts. My first major breakthrough was in 2011,ever since then,I have not looked back.

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Flowing Sweetness


Add a Different Wallet Address for Each Token You Withdraw from Publish0x - Quick Announcement

13 May 2020 Igor Tomić

18 May 2020
Thanks for this information.I would have just lost all my coins if I didn't read this

Get More Referrals By Using Webtalk Social Media

16 May 2020 MoonEvangelist

17 May 2020
I think Web talk is an awesome project. But zoom may seem to be of a lot more classical evaluation

Full List of IOTA (MIOTA) Partnerships (2020)

15 May 2020 list3r

17 May 2020
Lol,no.let's not be too sarcastic. Tables turn as bridges burn

Our beloved CoinMarketCap is censored now!

15 May 2020 paragism

17 May 2020
I signed up on Binance,seems it may start out well in the crypto market

Why you must have HEX ?

17 May 2020 Sirt33

17 May 2020
Hex seems powerful. The figures might change the coin market

Equilibrium's Web App Has Become A Fully Functional DeFi Portal

14 May 2020 Equilibrium

17 May 2020
I think this is well said. More to the availability on mobile

Cartesi May Development Recap — Expansion!

15 May 2020 Cartesi

17 May 2020
Nice. I think your methodology is brave

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Coinpot Challenge Day 14- Earning 10.000$ Worth Of Crypto By The End Of 2020 For Free

18 May 2020 1 minute read comments Zemiatin

Hello guys. This is day 14 update of my Coinpot challenge. I have been a little busy yesterday so could not post. Anyway, this is how my Coinpot dashboard looks at the moment: And this is how my earnings looked 2 days ago in terms of $ value: Now ,...

If You Can’t Withdraw Your Crypto, Stay Away

17 May 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

I’ve made many videos not recommending multiple platforms in the past for many different reasons and have many red flags that I look for when reviewing platforms for my comprehensive review. Given many people from those platforms are naturally upset,...

Get More Referrals By Using Webtalk Social Media

16 May 2020 9 minute read comments MoonEvangelist

Did you get an invitation to join Webtalk from one of your friends and want to get more information before making the decision? I guess you might have a lot of questions. What is Webtalk? How is it different from other existing social media platforms...

Masternodes: A Lucrative Passive Way of Investing in the Crypto Space

16 May 2020 4 minute read comments Crypto Adventure

The rapid expansion of the crypto space has seen several innovative ways of generating substantial profits apart from just simply trading cryptos by buying low and selling high. One such innovative way of generating profits in the crypto space withou...

Is it worth your time? A closer look at RollerCoin

16 May 2020 5 minute read comments Khazrakh

These last few days I saw several posts about RollerCoin so I thought it would be a great idea to check the game out. As always, I'll first give you some details on the game itself and take a look at what it has to offer. We'll also check whether it...

The Best Way to Talk to Normal People About Cryptocurrency

16 May 2020 5 minute read comments MarkHelfman

Recently, I published Stop Arguing With People. Show Them How Cryptocurrency is Useful and Education Will Not Get People to Use Bitcoin—Here’s Why.” Contradiction? No. Most people don’t like to learn or argue, but they like useful things. Maybe that’...

After Halving, Bitcoin has a lower inflation rate than gold

15 May 2020 3 minute read comments PKcrypto

Bitcoin has officially halved for the third time in its history. Smoothly, quietly, efficiently, Bitcoin is now becoming more scarce than gold. After the halving that just occurred, miners’ rewards have reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. The previous...

Announcing BANANOjs 2.0.5 - JavaScript Utilities for BANANO (and now NANO!)

14 May 2020 3 minute read comments banano

The cryptocurrency BANANO is always good for surprise news and tech innovation, and it’s often underestimated since many think it’s ‘just another meme coin’. Key to its growing success is next-generation tech paired with crypto education, easy and in...

Look out: burglars are coming! 🦹🏻‍♂️🦹🏻‍♀️

13 May 2020 2 minute read comments LazUpland

May 18th is International Museum Day, a day to celebrate each museum’s culture, subjects and unique preoccupations. But while you stroll past any of the 24, beautiful San Francisco museums that Upland has to offer: be careful. Burglars might be plann...

How to Earn Crypto by Publishing AND Reading Content on Publish0x - a Simple Mini Guide

26 Nov 2018 4 minute read comments Igor Tomić

Publish0x is a crypto-agnostic platform through which content publishers AND their readers can earn crypto. When you publish content, your readers can tip you. Tips are free and come from our rewards pool! A tip is split between author and reader. *T...