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The first crypto-currency to surpass the bitcoin

13 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments nicklaus

This will be a short publication but with clear example that nowadays, any crypto currency has the possibilities to surpass the prices by sale, from the famous to the bitcoin And to be honest with you, I regret not having found it before and not inve...

BNB, DOT, & LINK Price Analysis - Where Are We Going?

13 Sep 2020 7 minute read comments CryptoChartWizard91

Hello traders! I’ve been relatively inactive with my analysis recently, so I decide to update some of the major altcoins out there - BNB, DOT, and LINK. Binance Coin Overview Binance Coin has been on an absolute rampage as of late and has managed to...

This Is Why TRX Will Be A Dominating Force This Super Cycle

13 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

The 2017 Darling If you were in the Crypto space during the last bull run you will remember how Tron basically rose to fame in a matter of weeks. I picked up my first TRX at a fraction of a cent. Tron went on to become one of the best performing alts...

Summary of July Incomes as an Author and Curator on HIVE blockchain

31 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments toofasteddie

Another month has passed, time for another analysis of my personal performance on HIVE. During this month I couldn't manage to sustain a consistent work as a manual curator, additionally, I think there is a stagnancy on the quantity of the content be...

Bitcoin's Price Pull-Back This Weekend - Are We Ready For The Next Pump?

31 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments fycee

BITCOIN Pull-Back This Weekend Bitcoin (BTC) has really shown an impressive performance this week and a lot of people became extremely happy because from a long time, the stable $9,500 line pumped right ahead three days ago. But we are all aware now...

Splinterlands | August 2020 Sign-Up Promo Deal

31 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments costanza

I have set myself a goal of promoting the Splinterlands game onboarding 100 active players. Every month, I'm putting up a win-win deal for new players who want to test out the game. This is what I have available on offer for the coming 31 days...   1...

July Report: Crypto, Precious Metals & Stocks

31 Jul 2020 4 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Today I wanted to discuss how the markets have been behaving in relation to each other, particularly in how crypto is stomping all over the "competition" aka FIAT-oriented services such as stocks, and how precious metals are responding.Bitcoin is cur...

Vote on BRR-1: the first KyberDAO Proposal!

29 Jul 2020 8 minute read comments Kyber Network

  Epoch 1 has begun and the first KyberDAO Proposal is LIVE on! This is the first time KNC holders can cast an on-chain vote on protocol decisions via the KyberDAO. Since our Katalyst launch just 7 days ago, over 3400 unique addresses have...



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