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Can $DEC replace $BAT? Probably.

30 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

02 October 2020
Is DEC a browser or an app?

Cryptocurrency Analyst Davinci Jeremie Has YouTube Channel Deleted

29 Sep 2020 TheDesertLynx

29 September 2020
I respect his desicion. But, why a man who is a hardcore supporter of blockchain, decentralization, and freedom, practically begs for a chance to be again in a centralized platform that by default bans everything that sounds against the current status quo of things. There are new and promising platforms like LBRY, Bittube, Theta, etc., that can create a new world of opportunities, and above all FREEDOM!!!, But instead of moving forward and create a change, he begs YouTube to stay!.

The best solution to the Publish0x gas problem.

28 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

29 September 2020
Nano (Banano). The only way

Is Uniswap's UNI a Worthless Token?

23 Sep 2020 xyzashu

23 September 2020
Uniswap's UNI as a coin is worthless, and it's value is pure speculation. But Uniswap as exchange, does make money! How? Simple, they get a big slice of gas fees. Those are really smart developers!!!

This is the Brave Browser replacement we NEED.

21 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

21 September 2020
Liked and tipped. Thnx.

Do you need ETH to cover fees for the UNI giveaway?

20 Sep 2020 ScreenTag

20 September 2020
Helping people to become a victim of what you said on your previous post "a shitcoin scam"?

UNI giveaway: Just another shitcoin scam

19 Sep 2020 ScreenTag

20 September 2020
I don't understand. Many people says they have claimed the fiat. Are they lying?

Brave: The privacy paradox.

19 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

20 September 2020
Brave rewards aren't already attractive to me anymore, for the reasons you just mentioned and some others. The browser is really good, maybe the best, but I have repleaced it for BitTube browser. They pay me Tube coin everyday to my wallet just for browsing. No ads, no trackers, no middleman, nada! It's like Brave but without sponsored ads and without Uphold. NetBox is another choice, but I'll give it a chance later.

Get 400 UNI for FREE (Was Valued $2,500+ USD)

18 Sep 2020 Scott Cunningham

19 September 2020
All this DeFi hype reminds me of the old ICO days (and how that ended up). Try new things, but be cautious.

A quick technical analysis article: BTC, BAT, BNB: Moon next?

18 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

18 September 2020
Please write an article about those Bat's replacement projects. Thnx!

DeFi Uniswap: How to Catch Fresh UNI Guide (“free”)

17 Sep 2020 tomoyan

18 September 2020
Is this airdrop over?

A few alternatives for the Publish0x gas problem.

10 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

11 September 2020
Nano (and even Banano)

Ethereum: Gas fees may destroy this great token.

12 Aug 2020 MadMaxx

13 August 2020
ETH isn't suitable for daily life transactions. I prefer projects like Nano (and even Banano). They are fast, reliable, and above all: Absolutely feeless!!! I think fees should be a thing from the past.

BANANO Ecosystem Spotlight #2: Kalium, BANANO's Mobile Wallet

10 Aug 2020 banano

10 August 2020
Love these Banano series. All the official information in one place. Thnx.

Uphold wallet included BAT withdrawal fee

10 Aug 2020 deleted000030

10 August 2020
ETH gas is simply not sustainable. Personally I'd like to see BAT on a feeless network like Nano (or even Banano). Not sure if that sort of switch is possible, but ETH isn't suitable for daily life transactions.

All the reasons why XRP is better than ETH.

5 Aug 2020 MadMaxx

06 August 2020
I prefer Nano and all those DAG powered technologies. Fast and no fees. Better than ETH and even better than XRP.

BananoJobs Update and Airdrop Report #1

3 Aug 2020 banano

03 August 2020
Love it. Thnx for this much needed report. Lots of love and potassium my dear monkeys!!

What cryptocurrencies are great for long term investments?

21 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

21 July 2020
Please let us know those cryptos with high potential

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

12 July 2020

Passive income with BAT, DAI, BTC and BNB: I found a way for all three!

4 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

05 July 2020
Thnx. And waiting for the BAT/Compund article.

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This is the Brave Browser replacement we NEED.

21 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments MadMaxx

Before we get started, I have a host of offers for you that I'm sure you'd love. 1. YFI has been forked, again! But this time, you can get the fork completely free. Just input your ETH address into the text field in this link, and you're done! 2. Joi...