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I live in Holland and dream about a better world, a better system and power to the ordinary people. Take every chance you see and it will succeed. I was born in 1975, Germany Be Brave😉

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Media Mind

14 Aug 2020 Sienzuf

14 August 2020
I hope a lot of your readers will listen.... good advice 😉

Experts advise investing in stocks, not in Bitcoin and gold

20 Jun 2020 World Crypto

20 June 2020
Whith crypto and gold or silver you have the best chance in my opinion. Greetings from the Netherlands

Bitcoin or Gold?

25 Apr 2020 lemming

25 April 2020
Good point you make there. Or people will find out how much energie is needed for the Bitcoin to exist.... oops It's a risky business but in my opinion it's worth a try. Don't invest more than you can loose. I am trying xrp en dream on Greetings from the Netherlands Michael

Thoughts on cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption

25 Apr 2020 Basalt

25 April 2020
I bought myself some xrp and dream of course it will gain some value haha. They work with regulators and banks... if you can't beat them join them. Good look to all of us. Have a nice future. Greetings from the Netherlands Michael

My thoughts on Publish0x moving from BAT to Loopring for tips

22 Apr 2020 bitcoindelight

22 April 2020
I have noticed it too. Good luck anyway. Greetings from the Netherlands


11 Apr 2020 5espectro

11 April 2020
And of course it tastes great. They are all different. Try witch you like most and stay healthy. Greetings from the Netherlands

We're so early: Crypto mass adoption by 2030

22 Mar 2020 valuevision

22 March 2020
You're right with everything except your timeline in my opinion. Have heard about exponentially growth? Have a nice Sunday and hodl strong😉

Now it's your time to show your skills at Publish0x!

22 Mar 2020 alberdioni8406

22 March 2020
You olmost had me thinking about it😉 Have a nice Sunday to. Greetings from the Netherlands

(IJCH) Learning about Electricity from Scratch - at 57 y/o! What is a volt (V)?

22 Mar 2020 JaiChai

22 March 2020
I have learned it this way too. Self-study is super. Thanks helping others. Greetings from the Netherlands. Michael

Cisco router commands for configuration

21 Mar 2020 steverobert

21 March 2020
So I just figured out... I am no nerd. I don't get any of this but keep up the good work for everyone who gets it haha. Greetings from the Netherlands.

Quarantine in Greece day #8

19 Mar 2020 Krevasilis

19 March 2020
Hang in there. For us it is yet to come. Stay positive... Holland

I built a Tilapia farm with a swimming pool in my basement using only passive cryptocurrency income - LOL!

15 Mar 2020 Thomas Wolf

15 March 2020
Keep on going. Very nice. Greetings from the Netherlands

Let’s spread the #stayhome for Coronavirus

15 Mar 2020 Krevasilis

15 March 2020
Good luck to you too. Greetings from the Netherlands

Is this new avalanche in regulations on crypto healthy for the Industry?!!!

23 Feb 2020 alberdioni8406

23 February 2020
Of course they want to have a piece of the pie... but meanwhile they have there own thing going on... search xrp

So Strange: Wikipedia Co-Founder Sees No Value in Crypto or Blockchain for Free Internet Encyclopedia

23 Feb 2020 Omar Faridi

23 February 2020
I think Wikipedia is centralised en if they change content you could see it in the block chain. They do not want you to see that exactly. It is too decentralised for them haha. Just my opinion. Greetings from the Netherlands

Analyst: Ripple Price Management - XRP will rise to $ 0.70 in the coming months

19 Feb 2020 CryptoDennis

19 February 2020
Like those thoughts hahah look at my name. Greetings from the Netherlands

"No Need To Refresh Constantly", It's All SAFU

19 Feb 2020 acesontop

19 February 2020
I am new en I just hodl. Not on binance. * europe. I only use that to watch at the price. I have red more story's which are not so good for the reputation. But a vrind of mine trades at binance and has no bad experience so far. Only his own greed haha. Greetings from the Netherlands

Sensation in the Nazca desert. New drawings have been discovered through artificial intelligence

10 Feb 2020 Anunnak100

10 February 2020
Nice found... I red several books of course about this... so much I could tell. Greets to Poland 😆 Michael

A fisherman from Coney Island, New York, caught mysterious fish. Scientists are wondering what that is.

5 Feb 2020 Anunnak100

05 February 2020
You name is like frome the 12th planet. Like that to😉 Groetjes uit Holland

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Salsal Castle, Iran; Does Not Have to Be Glorious to Be Glorious

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In Lisar, one of the villages of Guilan province in Iran, there is a semi-ruined but exceptional castle that is rarely visited. It is enough to pay attention to the signs at the entrance of the village to see this castle made of mud bricks that stan...

The Reset: Silver,& Gold, Root Stock & Seeds AND Maybe.. a few cryptos?

2 Aug 2020 9 minute read comments thunderboltkid

That is if your Internet network connection survives a Big Prolonged (and likely planned) Blackout. The Post Apocalyptic Economic Reset Period of our lives might be just around the corner AND, What will you do? Think the Internet will be still up eve...

Now you are able to buy stocks with Uphold 🥳

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Investing is a good way to increase your Money and I think there are two types of investors first one who invest in cryptocurrency and another one loves Stocks market🤫.  I don't know in which category you will fit, Maybe you love Cryptocurrency or...

More fresh water diversions along the Mississippi River could reduce harmful spillway flows

28 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments mike88

The Problem The Bonnet Carre Spillway is a flood control structure on the Lower Mississippi River. Located in about 12 miles (19 km) west of New Orleans – it allows floodwaters from the Mississippi River to flow into Lake Pontchartrain and then into...

NEW Bling GAME!! Bitcoin Food Fight - Get REAL Bitcoin!

17 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Kimster

Welcome to my next post. In my post i show you a game where you can get real BTC that you can send on Coinbase wallet. Create COINBASE wallet with this link: https://www.coinbase.com/join/kristi_g1. You can download the game in this link for android:...

Zilliqa Planet - Get ZIL coins for free!! - Airdrex

10 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments Airdrex

Through the Zilliqa Planet airdrop you can get instantly ZIL coins for free if you download Zilliqa Planet app. Also, you can get more ZIL coins for each partner. What is Zilliqa? Zilliqa is the first public blockchain designed to implement sharding,...

Loopring Pay is Live: zkRollup Transfers on Ethereum

8 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments LRC Moderator

Loopring Pay is live! Loopring’s zkRollup now supports not just trading, but transfers as well. You can send ETH and ERC20 tokens instantly, for free, and with the same 100% Ethereum security guarantees Loopring always upholds. Ethereum scales with L...

I Stumbled Into The Atomic Wallet Dimension. Here's The Complete Guide.

7 Jun 2020 13 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

Would you look at that... I'm shocked and blown away. ANOTHER CONTEST! The Lords of Publish0x have Decreed: There shall be a TOURNAMENT! The best and brightest shall have the sweet-ass crypto and the ultimate prize: INTERNET CLOUT. I'm ecstatic. So e...

Have free time? Earn some sats playing silly games!

5 Jun 2020 2 minute read comments Poorboycrypto

So first and foremost. No! you will not get rich, or even earn a steady and reliable passive income. However If you enjoy mindless games and need something to kill some time. Why not earn some Satoshi while doing it! Enter Bling games! I have 3 games...

Light⚡Nite | When Fortnite Meets ₿itcoin

21 May 2020 2 minute read comments Dharkotron

Finally available in pre-alpha version, the long awaited cartoonish battle royale game is here! Haven't heard of that title yet? Well here is an introduction you might want to read. The game and the money Light⚡Nite is a game that ambitions to reward...



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