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Find Remedy In Common Law

25 Sep 2020 5 minute read 4 comments Dpl

Introduction I normally post about crypto but every now and then I like to drop a post containing information that provoke thought. This post actually serves two purposes the second is to pen my journey on the subject as a foundation to build from. T...

The Bitcoin Trend - Graph Update

22 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Dpl

The Bitcoin Trend I believe the graph speaks for itself. Lots of whales trying to ride the stock and fiat crash hype to buy up cheap BTC for the last time. Price is currently at a massive discount and the mining hash rate has never been this high. At...

Bitcoin - The Bear's Back Is Broken

4 Jul 2020 5 minute read 0 comments Dpl

Bitcoin - The Steamroller It has been almost four months since my last post that gave an update on Bitcoin. At the time the total madness has not reached our country and I had time to focus and sit in peace to gather my thoughts. In an effort to avoi...

Site Seeing in Africa

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Dpl

Game Drive We went on a game drive this afternoon and was lucky enough to stumble across a heard of Buffalo. The cover image is a magnificent show of the heard with the sunset in the background. The below video show the entire heard with young runnin...

Space May Be The Final Frontier But It's Made In A Hollywood Basement

25 Mar 2020 4 minute read 2 comments Dpl

Space, Really? Sheep are more free than humans. At least they need a shepherd and sheepdog to keep them in line, humans keep each other in line (David Icke). The title of the post is a song by Red Hot Chili Peppers - Lyrics. Do you listen to a good t...

Are The Bulls Conned - Whales Profusely Dump!

20 Mar 2020 3 minute read 2 comments Dpl

Background Three weeks ago, before this madness, I wrote a post showing that the price action is well within the Bitcoin trend and that the dump from 10k to 7k was nothing out of the ordinary. The graph at the time looked as follows: Update on the B...

Tired of Waiting for the Jump, Taking the Loss Getting Your Cash Back?

16 Mar 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Dpl

Bloods in the Streets There is not a lot to say on days like today. The only thing that comes to mind is that I should buy more! But that is never easy when there is blood in the streets! Everything says the opposite than to buy right now. If you lo...

Lions at a Wedding

15 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Dpl

At the Wedding Our wedding was cut short yesterday and we had to leave early but that was not before we got the opportunity to look at the Lions around the venue. The owner had 4 males right next to the wedding venue and even more Lions further away....

When you send this to your friend in Jan 2020

12 Mar 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Dpl

The Bitcoin Trend I sent this to one of my friends who was pressuring me at the time to buy Bitcoin (refer to below image). Don't get me wrong, I am buying but he wanted me to take out a loan (a big amount) and jump in! I told him to calm down but he...

Photography - Going to the Park

11 Mar 2020 1 minute read 4 comments Dpl

Going to the Park We went to the park today just to get out of the house and for some fresh air. We were blessed with some amazing sights which had to be captured by my Nikon camera.  The park is filled with birds, fish and plants with the most beaut...


🔥 Ethereum stored in centralized exchanges is dropping!

21 Sep 2020 resiliencia

22 September 2020
Well there must be something behind it. Especially with the high transaction fees currently! People won't just move it for no reason.

The Deception Infection

11 Jul 2020 KiBLS

12 July 2020
Likes and tipped via Minds group :-)

A Question (Original Poem)

17 May 2020 Sasha Raven

06 July 2020
Liked and tipped :-)

Into the Light

30 Jun 2020 KiBLS

06 July 2020
Liked and tipped :-)

Space May Be The Final Frontier But It's Made In A Hollywood Basement

25 Mar 2020 Dpl

14 April 2020
@CryptoCurrencyExchanges :-) not to much talked about but I cannot stop searching for what makes sense. Most don't give a damn but I've never been able to leave it to someone else. Thanks for the comment man and for taking the time to read the post.

Are The Bulls Conned - Whales Profusely Dump!

20 Mar 2020 Dpl

14 April 2020
@CryptoCurrencyExchanges Thanks for the comment man :-) I've been wanting to write an update on this but I'm just waiting for the price to touch the trend again. Thank for taking the time to read it man.

Here Are 10 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs That Can Earn You Money!!

13 Apr 2020 EarneyBitcoin

13 April 2020
If you balance out the opinions on Binance they're definitely the most popular perhaps the most used. Thanks for the post man :-)

The inner Leader

4 Apr 2020 KiBLS

04 April 2020
Tipped via the minds group 😀😊

Spaceships of the Starshatter universe - Starfighters

4 Apr 2020 Black Knight

04 April 2020
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Change your mind!

30 Mar 2020 KiBLS

31 March 2020
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The ticking clock

28 Mar 2020 KiBLS

28 March 2020
Tipped via Minds group :-) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1074943964038057984/feed

Don't Miss Uptrennd's Opportunity!

20 Feb 2020 Etson0x

24 March 2020
Sometimes it's for the better. It's not as if Minds has a payout. That platform is burning out. Strongs man. And drop me a msg every now and then 😄

Don't Miss Uptrennd's Opportunity!

20 Feb 2020 Etson0x

24 March 2020
Tipped man. I would see your posts more often if you join the minds group

Don't Miss Uptrennd's Opportunity!

20 Feb 2020 Etson0x

24 March 2020
@sasharaven, you are everywhere. It's been a while since you dropped a link in the minds group ;-)

Don't Miss Uptrennd's Opportunity!

20 Feb 2020 Etson0x

24 March 2020
Great stuff man :-)

Personal feelings about the Brave browser

23 Mar 2020 JQnet Official

23 March 2020
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The Web

5 Mar 2020 Bart23

21 March 2020
Tipped ja @bart23 ;-)

Creation in action

20 Mar 2020 KiBLS

21 March 2020
TIpped ja twice on this one man, because it's so good

The breakthrough

19 Mar 2020 KiBLS

20 March 2020
Great stuff @KiBLS

Creation in action

20 Mar 2020 KiBLS

20 March 2020
Up, up and away :-)

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🔥 Ethereum stored in centralized exchanges is dropping!

21 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments resiliencia

Hello! I've seen a really interesting chart in the Glassnode website that I think is quite relevant. I've decided to share with you that the amount of ETH stored on centralized exchanges is dropping fast. In fact, the amount stored in Smart Contracts...

The Deception Infection

11 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

The Deception Infection Today all opposites are twisted. But every action and deed was listed! As truth and falsehoods inverted slowly, sense and reason were not longer holy. Because all these sweet lies tasted better. Some have swallowed every blasp...

Into the Light

30 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

Into the Light Intellectual freedom and natural life are at stake. We'll release now any artificial mental brake. The true philosophers are ready for the storm. Spiritual warriors act together in a swarm. We wake the sleeping and we teach the truth. ...

A Question (Original Poem)

17 May 2020 1 minute read comments Sasha Raven

Lord don't reveal my thoughts to the others,I'm afraid of that, and it really bothers.But He's not like me, He's almighty and divine,He'll not betray me; it will be just fine.His enemies plant all the dirty seeds..."Just pull out all those dirty weed...

Here Is A Simple Way To Increase Your Earnings When Blogging!

13 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments EarneyBitcoin

Here is a very simple way to increase your earnings when blogging and writing articles.   Howtoearnbitcoinonline.com pays you bitcoin for each click you send. Simply embed the links into any webpage, and when someone clicks on them you will earn a sm...

Here Are 10 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs That Can Earn You Money!!

13 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments EarneyBitcoin

Many people are currently stuck at home with nothing better to do.. so today i thought i would show everyone 10 great ways to earn bitcoin online. There are many different bitcoin affiliate / referral programs - although many of these offer shit prod...

Spaceships of the Starshatter universe - Starfighters

4 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments Black Knight

In the Starshatter universe, these crafts are called SSF or space superiority fighters. The design concept behind this abbreviature is simple. You need fighter craft who are well armed and armored, can ensure their pilot's survivability and are cheap...

The inner Leader

4 Apr 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

The inner Leader I will not be divided! Because I let myself be guided! I will not be controlled! Because my soul has not been sold! I will not be swayed! Because my inner voice prayed! I will not be subdued! Because with courage I'm imbued! I will n...

Change your mind!

30 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

Change your mind! Your heart is working perfectly and great. But your mind still blocks the gate! You must align your longing with your mind. And suddenly you are not longer blind! Your whole world will change! Even if it still sounds strange! The tw...

The ticking clock

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments KiBLS

The ticking clock Can you also see only the strange? And are you looking for the change? Then I would like to welcome you! We both know where we have to go through! We are the new game-changers! And we are old world-rangers! Even if this road will be...



I am sports expert since 2009.


I'm a freelance writer. Hence I read a lot to gain more knowledge and put them to work.


I'm ckole


If you are lucky, cryptocurrency may bring some wealth, but I think it is becoming a practical method of ideal life, and I just take action to practice it.


Proud user of Brave browser

OG Crypto

OG: The Original Crypto blogger.

Sasha Raven

Poet, writer... https://linktr.ee/sasharavenmusic

Captain Fin

The world is an infinitely evolving ecosystem, full of wonder we seek to discover the latest technologies disrupting our surroundings. Working towards a new adventure sailing around the world, powered by solar and wind in an Eco Catamaran.


Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. My complete poetry collection on publish0x: www.publish0x.com/kibls/kibls-poetry-xlxyry


I'm a badass in training. I make online shops and read science fiction.


Professional artist. Part-time cryptocurrency trader. Semi-retired napper.


My name is David and i enjoy spending time with family and friends and reading and listening to music.


I'm an amateur blogger, crypto holder, and a passionate fisherman for as long as I can remember. For more details please ask, it's free. You can find me on steemit.com: https://steemit.com/@acesontop and Hive: https://hive.blog/@acesontop/feed


I am Crypto lover


Crypto Money, Trading, Education, Bitcoin, Eth, ALT Coin


I am a Girl

JQnet Official

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My name is Edem Edward Ahedor from Ghana,West Africa. I am a student and I need a job to do so that I can use the money to further my education since I don't have parents


Hello! I'm Marlon from Philippines and recently fill this form to be a member on this community. Presently, I am taking this opportunity to know more about Cryptocurrency and to understand more, invest and make money.


Physics graduate, with a passion for programming in Python.


Artist, Photographer, Writer, Creative Innovator, Website / Graphic Designer, & HR Manager in West Jordan, Utah. I enjoy learning new things, traveling to historic, paranormal, and abandoned locations, rock hounding, museums, technology, and the abstract.


You Can also earn crypto here: https://read.cash/r/Otek


let's the crypto world making a better world




I am a well rounded person with vast experiences in life. I can talk about almost anything




Likes to keep an eye on dystopian fiction & reality. Loves to blog & make experimental synthesizer music. Covers pessimistic stuff with an optimistic mindset.

Sanjay Abdullah

I love job by online


I can't talk in English properly.




I am a self-taught photographer with a website with prints for sale on it. Also contracts if wanted for commercial use. The story of the dove is a question! What, how can I help you? What do we have to do?


New to the crypto community looking for friends


internet & blockchain


Analitic dreamers and crypto trader


I'm just human

Healt Life Time

Crypto Trade, Bitcoin, Daily ALT COIN


sono una persona ambizziosa e cerca il successo

Zenifer miti

I'm a simple girl & I have money


I want earn some money online so I enter this


One of the few most creative.


Dynamic, resourceful and dependable. Interested in teaching the basics of cryptocurrency to complete novices and newbies


Interested in Blockchain Tech and DLT


Live in Japan


Explorer & Industrious


im aj ,28 yrs old from phillippines.


i'm happy


Hi, My name is Adegbenga Ogungbeje but everyone calls me Ben. I am keen to explore Blockchain in agriculture especially in order to reduce post harvest loss. I am also keen interested in Blockchain, smart contracts and the law.


I'm an employee creating multiple streams of income.


About to turn 40. I’m into sport shooting / plinking. MMA & BJJ training. Always trying to be a better father to my 8yo son and a better husband to my wife of 10years plus of marriage. Skateboarding/Gaming/ CRYPTO CURRENCIES

Wicked Fisher

I'm a Crypto Rookie and find it quite confusing.


Loving life




dust in space


39 years old,italian,employee una mall,crazy for cryptos


Just thought id check this out


I am Tomzion but as you guess this is not my name


Love to read


ragazzo allegro


Hi my name is Shaun and I live in Canada!!



Wandry Moura

Investor and lover of cryptos

Black Knight

I am a fantasy/sci fi writer.My Sci Fi Books are published on Amazon available both in Kindle and Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079K62S78 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HFCQC7C https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MKS8PB9 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R5R31N


I love the people!


Am humbled


I love crypto


I'm a beautiful guy, and I have a big dick


Çalışan,Evli boş zamanlarını internette geçiren bayanım


Wife Mother Home Educator Truth Seeker and Occasional Poet


Am a lovely lady,and a lovely wife and mother..so simple and understanding

Gisele Ferreira

Sou professora de educação infantil mas estou desempregada no momento.Me apaixonei completamente quando conhecí o mundo das criptomoedas e desde então venho tentando me aprimorar e tentando viver disso.


I'm from NC - I am an actor/author/Founder/Director of Barefoot Marsh Productions. I am family oriented and have a very good creative career. I live alone. I'm a musician and enjoying dancing. I'm an indie filmmaker. I'm a good Mother. I'm an artist


Nip the bastrd


Massegat my maat

Simone schiavoni

One million dollars

liaw sin yi

I a student. In 25 years old


I am a writer, gamer, healthcare professional. I am.


39 years of age & I live in California


Acquila non capit muscas!


Mediziner und Freelancer, mein Ziel finanzielle Freiheit innerhalb 5 Jahre


That's me


i am shawon,lives in bd and i am a online freeleancer....


Im a woman


Lecturer in electrical engineering at college. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Orderly. Responsible.


i m your 23 Old


Good person


Striving to succeed

Salsa olivia

Good person


ETH / BAT / DAI address : 0xb0f2D36602d199A7cF783ee667B8E47f1E1A244d


My name is Irfan Ali and Irfee is my home name






i am me


Simple and generous




I love Crypto



The Crypto Informer

Crypto enthusiast


I'm Efrem. I come from Indonesia


Kripto melek yatırımcısı


Smart and cheerful




Greetings,i'm a interesting boy,with a passion for the movie of avventure,fantascience and action

Fedor Kwatyrka

I'm just a guy


shoos maker


Entrepreneur at free lancing


I love reading news about new innovation and technology

shakeela ijaz

Life is hard


Self-Made Millionaire inside Los Angeles Mega Manisons


Reviews and information on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Tampa Bay Florida native, national guard member I enjoy reading non- fiction books , home gardening my first hobby


Am a student in need of financial help


I'm a crypto collecter


Pretty new to crypto.


Just simple