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Famous Youtuber PewDiePie has decided to live-stream his content on DLive, which recently joined the TRON Ecosystem

13 Jan 2020 1 minute read 1 comment DonCrypto760

PewDiePie, a leading YouTuber, has started  streaming on DLive - a blockchain powered streaming website that will soon be migrating to the TRON Ecosystem. The announcement is significant to TRON, In December Tron Announced a partnership with D-Live....

Tron Has Privacy Coming To It's Ecosystem!

13 Jan 2020 1 minute read 2 comments DonCrypto760

Tron in it's near future will have a privacy option added to it's platform. Trx is growing and adding more use cases for mass adoption. On January 6th Justin Sun gave a hint the privacy coin project was almost finished and asked Users to give ideas f...


Tron Has Privacy Coming To It's Ecosystem!

13 Jan 2020 DonCrypto760

14 January 2020
Thanks for reading. I agree privacy would definitely be a upgrade to the Tron Ecosystem. The option for a private transaction is great. People can still use public option if they want.

Three Men, One Goal, Our Future

8 Jan 2020 E. K. Washington

09 January 2020
Cool if you ask me just add a private TRC20 to the eco system and grow Tron.

My Journey into free Crypto

8 Jan 2020 HermesSyndicate

09 January 2020
Coinbase definitely gave a lot of free Crypto away. Iv'e been earning every time they add new coins .

Best Litecoin and Bitcoin cash faucet ever

7 Jan 2020 kengtong

07 January 2020
Free crypto always good.

Burger King Branch in Slovenia is Accepting Bitcoin Cash.

27 Dec 2019 alberdioni8406

05 January 2020
This is exactly what we need in the crypto space. Adoption.


2 Jan 2020 The Joker

03 January 2020
Yes we must be careful with scammers for sure take precaution.

25 000 TRX in Tron Lounge video contest

1 Jan 2020 CEDCryptoCoin

02 January 2020
They should do more of these contest reward the Ecosystem users.

Ripple has a Big plan for 2020 in Brazil: New Partnership with Banks are expected

28 Dec 2019

02 January 2020
Definitely i agree there will be a migration to quality use case Crypto's.

The 5 best and safest wallets for Bitcoin, Ripple and other cryptocoins

1 Jan 2020 DoRi

02 January 2020
Good list i have heard good news about most of them on the list.

Tron Vs Tron: A trademark problem?

25 Dec 2019 pedrobrito2004

02 January 2020
Trademarking is a flawed system.

What is Cardano (ADA)? — 'Programmatic Excellence' — Beginner's Guide

31 Dec 2019 cryptomagis

02 January 2020
Sounds like a great project with high security. I enjoyed the read and gaining more knowledge on Crypto A.d.a.

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