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My name is Kamal, a beginner blogger, I work on enriching readers with various experiences in life as well as I am interested in cryptocurrencies

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DEXToken: Making DeFI Accessible to Retail Investors!

18 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments SamBTC

What exactly is DEXToken? Over-speculation by over-ambitious bankers and financial institutes has been the root cause of almost all the previous financial recessions and depressions. This greed of a few individuals makes the lives of the majority mis...

How Crypto.com Can Move Forward

17 Oct 2020 5 minute read comments scythenoz

After a week of internalising the communications coming out from Crypto.com(CDC) and all the flurry within the sub-Reddit and Telegram groups, I have finally gotten around to pen down my thoughts about the changes, as well as what I felt CDC could ha...

Kyber: Delivering a Sustainable Liquidity Infrastructure for DeFi

17 Oct 2020 6 minute read comments Kyber Network

  Hi Kyberians, It has been a crazy few months for decentralized finance (DeFi) and Kyber Network. The recent yield farming and liquidity mining trends in DeFi have created an environment that is ripe for innovation and growth, but at the same time...

Swerve.Finance Newsletter #1

16 Oct 2020 5 minute read comments Swerve Finance

Welcome to the first Swerve.fi Newsletter discussing all things related to the Swerve ecosystem. Our aim with this newsletter is to keep the Swerve and crypto community informed of the latest news, including product launches, governance changes, and...

OKEx Suspends Withdrawals Following Investigation by Authorities

16 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Abhimanyu Krishnan

OKEx has suspended withdrawals indefinitely on its platform, following reports of investigation by authorities on October 16. Local media outlets report that a company official has been arrested by the police and that he or she is cooperating with t...

Tokenize Your Real-Estate Assets with Odinala Network

16 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments Crypto Adventure

Blockchain technology has dramatically transformed different sectors resulting in massive benefits. Today, it's almost impossible to find a sector that has not been influenced by cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. The finance sector has witne...

David Campbell on Zcash, Cryptocurrency Privacy, and Ciphertrace

15 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments TheDesertLynx

David Campbell of the Electric Coin Company, the main development group for Zcash, comes on the podcast to discuss the coming privacy revolution in cryptocurrency, following much in the way that online encryption became mainstream. We also talked ab...

Mommin' It Mondays - Stream 17 - Crypto News

2 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments Mamaecrypto

This week on our Mommin' It Monday episode Lisa and I got to talk about 5 major crypto headlines in-depth with a fantastic group of people. It is always great to hear the feedback from the group during our Live streams and we often allow the conversa...

Ethereum ETH Integrated for Tipping, Min Withdrawal Increased AND 30% Bigger Rewards!

6 Aug 2020 3 minute read comments Dan Bainbridge

We've got 3 super exciting updates to share with you today! These include an addition of a tipping token, an increase in minimum withdrawal threshold, and a big increase in rewards!   1. ETH Integrated for Tipping. We've just integrated another tipp...

Welcome to Publish0x!

11 Oct 2018 4 minute read comments Dan Bainbridge

Welcome to Publish 0x! we are a "crypto powered blogging platform", we are not the first but we will be the biggest, and we have a few unique quirks, but first, the most important question; How do you pronounce 0x? Well, actually the 0x is silent, we...


Sasha Raven

Poet, writer... https://linktr.ee/sasharavenmusic


Likes to keep an eye on dystopian fiction & reality. Loves to blog & make experimental synthesizer music. Covers pessimistic stuff with an optimistic mindset.


A film-making stamp collector, interested in natural health and well being; happy to write about all and everything while making movies on my smart phone.




I am crypto anthusiast, and trader, miner, investor in many various platform, and protocol of blockchain around the world. I love to talking about Cryptocurrency.


I am just an Anarchist, jumping at a chance to make the world a better place. I am just an Anarchist, trying to help you see this life is not a race. I am just a Cryptochist, collecting coins and building my treasure chest. #AnCryp is the way


Dad, Engineer, Runner and Crypto-trader

Technically Product

I'm James. I write how-to guides on digital marketing, analytics and web development products at https://www.technicallyproduct.co.uk/


Science enthusiast, semi-smart person, amateur musicologist, father


I just want to know more about Coin Digital, Many friends and save money by mining, earning and seeking experience in the CRYPTO world


Crypto Lunatic


I'm just a simple person with simple perspectives in life


Am a high school teacher,having a degree

Furkan Ay

I'm 22 years old, studying advertising


I'm new to crypto, but already very active. Looking to become a crypto guru lol


I'm good person


Optimistic,hardworking,Welling to learn and explore in different platforms in making money online .


My name is Philip, am a fashion designer at Cinzustitches and a content writer and a transcriptionist at Queye Musical Agency. By night/weekend, I am a freelance transcriptionist and a content writer who like helping individuals and companies create great


amo las cryptos y me gusta saber mas sobre el tema quiero aprender mas cada dia


I'm a coffee lover

Franck Ulrich

Étudiant en sciences économiques et gestion d'entreprises


Je suis journaliste dans une web TV au Bénin.


I'm Baiccu. I live in Bangladesh. I'm studying in S.A College Noakhali. Thank you.