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I am tall and dark skin

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Is it really worth switching from Chrome to Brave? Honest opinion ...

18 Jun 2020 Tech Start XYZ

18 June 2020
I go with chrome its been my choice for long

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$5 Trillion Could Enter The Bitcoin Market - And Further Weaken The Dollar

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Experts agreed that in the near future, a large amount of investment in the amount of more than 5 trillion dollars will enter the Bitcoin market. According to investor and founder of Gold Bullion International, Dan Tapeiro, after such an investment,...

ProvenPassive is now on Facebook!

18 Jun 2020 1 minute read comments tipplenurkey

I have finished setting up the Proven Passive Facebook page.  The contributor contest is still running from now until July 1st.  Help build an online community dedicated to helping people invest and earn from home safely, without fear of being scamme...

Everything you need to know about MakerDao and Dai

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The MakerDao is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain representing a decentralized collateral-backed cryptocurrency (DAI - a stable coin following the value of the US dollar), providing collateral loans, and a community governance system. The p...