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This is a story about a young dutch adolescent who studies Biomedical Research. Join him in his epic quest to find the one thing that everyone seeks, the ever-growing need for entertainment.

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The Historic Fungus That Gave The World Penicillin Had Its Genome Sequenced

25 Sep 2020 2 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

In 1928, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming made history. In a common mould - so common that the strain grew by accident in a petri dish of Staphylococcus - he discovered antimicrobial properties that he would exploit to develop the first mass-prod...

10 crazy creative snacks in the Netherlands

24 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment DaLuSt

The rich arsenal of wording proves that we in the Netherlands are not averse to having a snack in its time. Take the "Stoephoerenschotel" ... a large bowl of fries specially thundered with all kinds of mini snacks. No, we do not make this up ourselve...

Near planet that changed the view of the universe

21 Sep 2020 2 minute read 1 comment DaLuSt

Venus was always the brightest of all the planets visible to the naked eye. In successive civilizations she was named after goddesses, usually those of love and beauty. The Romans made it Venus. The invention of the telescope and careful observation...

Just like five Chinese hitmen, Donald Trump wins the Nobel Prize that makes you laugh

20 Sep 2020 3 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

On Friday, the Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded to honor science that makes you laugh and makes you think. Among others, 9 world leaders, 5 Chinese hitmen and an Amsterdam psychiatrist won ’m. Donald Trump won the Nobel Prize last night. It will not have...

This cargo ship with sails has a 90 percent lower CO2 emission

18 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

The Swedish shipping company Wallenius Marine presented a new type of cargo ship last week. With five gigantic, collapsible sails made of steel and composite, this must become the green future of shipping: The ship emits 90 percent less CO2 than the...

Wasn't the young universe as chaotic as you thought?

19 Aug 2020 3 minute read 1 comment DaLuSt

  With the help of the Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA for short), researchers have made a special discovery. They stumbled upon an extremely distant galaxy that is very similar to ours in two ways. BulgeThe galaxy in question -...

A cancer mystery more than 40 years old is solved thanks to epigenetics.

18 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

Before the first oncogene mutations were discovered in human cancer in the early 1980s, the 1970s provided the first data suggesting alterations in the genetic material of tumors. In this context, the prestigious journal Nature published in 1975 the...

Probe of DNA ‘repeats’ reveals new potential autism genes

16 Aug 2020 4 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

Extra repeating bits of DNA may account for nearly 3 percent of the genetic architecture of autism, according to a new study . The work is the first to examine such genetic variants in autism on a large scale. About half of the identified repeating s...

Beer converted to renewable energy powering water treatment plant

15 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

It might bring a tear to your eye to think about the millions of litres of beer that went off as pubs were closed by lockdown restrictions but it has been put to good use. The beer from South Australian breweries was originally bound for pubs and res...

A South Korean beach wants you to pay in Ethereum

14 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments DaLuSt

Shops along a popular beach in South Korea enabled payments for beach items with Ethereum last week. gu beach in Busan can now pay with Ethereum at all beach-side shops, according to ZDNet Korea. Last week, blockchain development firm BITbeat said it...


Is reading dead?

8 Aug 2020 lowededwookie

09 August 2020
Just as a qoute from someone I don't remember the name. ''Nothing really dies, it just changes"

Ethereum price approaching $ 300 - What is the reason for the Rise?

26 Jul 2020 DaLuSt

26 July 2020
Yea your right in dollars, I forgot to change the numbers to euro's, there they are not quite there yet. But you are completely right.

Two teenagers arrested after Bitcoin payments for livestream of murder

18 Jul 2020 DaLuSt

18 July 2020
You are completely right, I could have worded it a bit better.

introduction to the world of stem cells

4 Jul 2020 DaLuSt

04 July 2020
I am guessing you mean the salamander. I will take a look. :)

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
That article is mainly about the"Microscopic analysis of characteristics of hair" not genetic, but I do have to agree that hair as a whole is not a standalone piece of evidence to conclude anything, more of a tool to include or exclude someone on a crime scene as they also claim in the article.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
I never claimed that DNA doesn't change(epigenetically, mutational or darwinisemal). I did say that those changes are statistically insignificant to the average time it takes for a investigation to come to a satisfactory close. "The scene sketched of the hair landing on the victims jacket on the bus is a pure example of a fictional easy understandable situation" for the reader. The main genetic profile that is drawn up are so called STR's in the "non coding" DNA so coding DNA is indeed not regullary used, https://www.publish0x.com/science-for-non-scientists/what-happens-with-dna-taken-from-a-crime-scene-38-xoxgve but they can still deduce a basic profile.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
I see, I completely misunderstood your wording. But I would have to disagree that hair does not contain some form of DNA. As we both agree hair is mainly build up of the protein keratine these proteins are produced by the genetic code within the bodys cells. simply said DNA->RNA->protein. As we both agree there are small differences from person to person. These small differences are the main system of genetic profiling in forensics. The genetic matrial in these potential traces can in today's age certainly be found in hair even if it has not been pulled out. As the order of the keratine protein in a specific person can be translated back to the DNA order and would be slightly different in every person and could be potentially matched with a different trace found on a different locations. Most of genetic profiling in forensics is always in corropondance with two traces. One on the crime scene and one of the suspected suspect/victem. Thus potentially including or excluding a person from a scene. The scene sketched of the hair landing on the victims jacket on the bus is a pure example of a fictional easy understandable situation. Which is totally realistic cenario. As where only one trace is found in the case of this article. They have to presude the trace to make sure checks out. And the changes of protein profile wil always stay deductible in the core genetic code. Thus staying a potential genetic profile for future matching.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
I may have misunderstood your wording , but, you said "There is no ordering with protein production. They can be switched on, off, completely new ones generated and misfolded." Which indicates some sort of randomness to the system and as we both agree that is not the case. And your point seems to change every sentence so please indulge me in your point to make the matter clear. Unless your point was that there is more to the matter of protein/DNA profiling than written in the article. If so I already clarified and agreed to this statement, but the context of that matter has little to do with the purpose of this article. As it steps more in the matter of evolutionary genetics.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
Thank you for repeating the words in my last reaction on your comment, as I said "there is always some sort of cause and effect relation" and "it's never truly random"

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

02 May 2020
That not completely true there is always some sort of cause effect relation, its never truly random, but the genetic code within that protein production doesn't change, whether they activate or not. The core code is the same, only "outside" factors cause them to activate or not. If sudden spontaneous protein profile changes were the case, humans could suddenly become pigeons. What you are trying to force out are changes that occur over years and years of subsequent evolution. That have nothing to do with forensic investigations. I completely agree that there is more to the story than what is written, but I'm sure no one wants to slam a 4 year study of evolutionary genetics and biology in a relative small article. Unless ofcouse you are just one of those people who keeps repeating themselves until they think they have the last word, because you have now repeated yourself thrice with no sighn of actual intrest in the topic. And in that case just say so and I'll keep quiet. :P

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

01 May 2020
Same principle applies. Metylazion is active or not. Protein is expressed or suppressed. They stay in the same order, but the protein themselves don't suddenly completely Change. They will remain the same protein just with different functional effects. But they will still be there. The function of the protein does not determine the matching of the protein. A match will Remain a match to a certain statistical degree.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

01 May 2020
That is certainly true, luckily major methylation, take on average 5-10 years to fully settle in genetic code, and about 75% of serious crime is solved within 5 years of the start of investigation. The changes in epigenetic code usally don't effect the profile matching based on DNA markers. Unless it's a cold cases, their are cases have been seen where 86% matching has been found on the same suspect, from the same cell source. So indeed this also poses another possibility, but mostly in the long run.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

01 May 2020
I see what you mean and I indeed should have clarified this in the article, but I did not what to it unnecessary technical, but in the case of hair to get reliable data, forensic scientists previously needed DNA from skin still attached to hair follicles. But recent technologies have instead analyzed proteins in the hair itself, like keratin. Because the sequences of amino acids in proteins vary slightly from person to person based on their genetic code, this information can be used to identify people with a high degree of accuracy without DNA. So technically you use protein instead of DNA, but protein is produced by means of DNA, but I do agree that I should have specified this a bit more. I will keep this in consideration for comming articles.

Risks associated with DNA use in forensic science (6/8)

1 May 2020 DaLuSt

01 May 2020
Every cell in your body contains DNA, even hair and yes it it true that you get more out of hair follicles, than hair itself. But nonetheless rootless hair can still be used to make a DNA profile mainly the mtDNA. Actually recent studies have made progress in making dna profiling more possible with rootless hair. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28993934/

The Blizzard that Teased like a Boating Shark

25 Apr 2020 DaLuSt

27 April 2020
Thank you my motto is how weirder the beginning the better, now I just need to learn how to finish it properly. 😅

Blockchain Free Markets vs. Fiat Command & Control Economies- A Ghost in the Machine Shows the Way

25 Apr 2020 thunderboltkid

26 April 2020
Very well written article, a bit lengthy though, could be split into two or three. But nevertheless well writen.


21 Apr 2020 5espectro

21 April 2020
This is one of the most relevant and educational posts I have seen here to this day.

"Dancing Stars"

20 Apr 2020 Enigmareader

20 April 2020
if you are interested in this topic I would suggest you read the book Brief answers to the big questions by Stephen hawking. as he explains it in a fantastic almost non-scientific way.

"Dancing Stars"

20 Apr 2020 Enigmareader

20 April 2020
You could see a black hole in the sense of data analysis, as it is more condensed than the space around it. soo it is kind off collapsed into itself thus showing up as a greater gravitational pull than the surrounding "space". with this gravitation data, you could form a 3D structure based on the gravitational shape of the black hole. you do need one of two things tho, a whole lot of the green stuff or a hight class university physics department that wants to lend you the equipment. also, the big hawkings radiation picture that showed up about 1-2 years ago also shows the black as it were. but I do have to disappoint you. you would probably not be able to see the black hole with your own eyes. because you would have to be in the event horizon of the black hole, and there is no way back from there.

Introducing myself

17 Apr 2020 DaLuSt

17 April 2020
For sciency related stuff, I will refer you to my other blog on here "Science for non-scientists". I will have decided to keep fun stories and sciency stories separate. anyways I really can't control myself soo it will probably spill out of me from time to time. :P

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