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egamersio is a Blockchain Games Portal and Community founded in 2018. Crypto Gamer can read about their favorite games, engage with our community and discover new, exciting play-to-earn games.

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The RHOAM Genesis Items Sale Offers Some Exclusive Benefits & Profit Sharing

5 Jan 2020 2 minute read egamersio

Following the MFT Presale, the RHOAM Genesis hotlist is now open, and more information is available for the ERC-1155 in-game items sale. When was the last time you gained an in-game item by using a social media platform? Or even better, when did you...

The RHOAM MFT Sale Begins at 9 PM Find Out Everything You Need to Know

19 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

RHOAM was introduced to the multiverse gaming community earlier in August. Since then, we know that both RHOVIT (rewarding social platform) and RHOAM are connected uniquely. Socializing, reading, and creating content rewards you with Rbit tokens and...

RHOVIT's Big Plans & the New ERC1155 Smart Contract

18 Dec 2019 2 minute read egamersio

The rewarding blockchain-based platform RHOVIT is getting ready for 2020 with tons of updates and the launch of the Multiverse game RHOAM. Earlier today, they announced the creation of their own ERC1155 Smart Contract. Initially developed by Enjin an...

Taurion Treasure Hunt #2 – Play to Earn 10,000$ & Win Items From 14 Blockchain Games

17 Dec 2019 2 minute read egamersio

After the first successful competition, the Fully Decentralized game Taurion is hosting a second round of the Treasure Hunt with more Prizes and updated gameplay! Register Now, receive 5 free units (limited time offer) and get ready to play and earn!...

Brave Frontier Heroes – The New MCH+ Game

15 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

Brave Frontier Heroes is a new MCH+ game by Double Jump.Tokyo (creators of MyCryptoHeroes) and Alim Co based on the successful Brave Frontier that counts over 38 million downloads. The new game features pixel-art graphics and the existing MCH design...

How Good Are Your MCH Skills? Write a Guide & Win Incredible Items!

15 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

A new campaign for all the existing players is launched by MyCryptoHeroes to create an environment ideal for newbies. Shortly after the Tezuka Collaboration MCH aims to properly guide the English players to the fascinating deep gameplay through the c...

Join us in the Dissolution Flight Night This Saturday

14 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

The Multiverse game “Dissolution” hosts a special Fight Night Esports Tournament tomorrow, Saturday, 12pm PST with Enjin NFTs in prizes and a rare Gold-Tier pack for the winner. Early Access FPS with MMORPG plans in the future, Dissolution is a fun a...

The Forge Gets Updated: How Blockchain Cuties is Evolving

12 Dec 2019 3 minute read egamersio

If i had to describe Blockchain Cuties with one word, i would use “Evolution.” Constant development and drastic gameplay changes are two factors we are used to in the Blockchain Cuties Universe. The recent Forge update gave a whole different meaning...

Two Special Events in Battle Racers

11 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

In addition to the season1 crate sale, BattleRacers is hosting two special events similar to the previous Axie Infinity Crates Sale. As a reminder Battle Racers is already available to play so any parts purchased now are instantly available in the ga...

Nike Will Launch "CryptoKicks" – Sneakers on The Blockchain

11 Dec 2019 1 minute read egamersio

Remember the Global Guerillas apparel collection we presented a few months ago? It was the world’s first apparel line with an authenticity token on the blockchain. Then, we said that many companies will follow and create their own versions of blockch...