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Brave Ads not displaying properly? Here is an idea.

13 Jan 2020 CryptoChopATL

13 January 2020
I believe this lack of ad has nothing to do with all this. First, when you set the ad frequency to 5/hour, it means you agree to receive 5 ads MAXIMUM per hour. It does not ensure that you will get 5 ads. Now, Brave is still fresh when it comes to having deals with advertisers. At the moment, you get all of the ad that you should expect to see depending on the ongoing campaigns in your country ( So yeah, "searching products that are trendy" won't "increase the net size of ads we receive from various advertisers". Sorry :/ Instead, please talk about Brave around you, and why it is so good. As well, you can spread some BAT love to your favorite creators and tweet about that. And this is how you will benefit. BTW, it's not about having more BAT, it's about increasing BAT value ;)

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