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Linux grandmaster switches to Windows.

16 Sep 2020 Alexandru-Balan

17 September 2020
This.....So Much This

One Time Brave Payout in September!

9 Sep 2020 Cje95

12 September 2020
Really? hmmm....That is odd. You are right though, there is zero guidance on fee schedule. Thats actually my biggest pet peev about crypto as a whole, there are very few companies that are transparent with their fee schedules. Love your take on 99% of things commented on BTW

One Time Brave Payout in September!

9 Sep 2020 Cje95

10 September 2020
I have Zero sending fees on uphold. I just wait to transfer my BAT till over 100. Just transferred 300 last week for free.

One Time Brave Payout in September!

9 Sep 2020 Cje95

10 September 2020
I can confirm that with over 100 BAT in wallet there are no transfer fees. I have had at least 1300 BAT from Brave payouts, and have typically let them get to about 100 Bat before i withdrew. By doing this i avoided the withdraw fee. If i went to transfer BAT in the very beginning of my use, it would charge me said withdraw fee also. how long have you had your account? I'm pretty sure Uphold just doesn't want to get smacked with $1-4 withdraw fees every month for every Brave user transfering 9 Bat out of the wallet :) If you hold them in the wallet for a while all your fees disappear.

BTC outlook: 11800 or 10800?

31 Aug 2020 MadMaxx

07 September 2020
How do your Articles not have more comments? Great work as always BTW, you always have excellent analysis

Oh No Brave....... UPDATE On Earlier Post

6 Sep 2020 Cje95

07 September 2020
Brave does not always give you the full amount earned BAT by watching ads. In the explanation of how the browser works it tells you that the revenue from ads (Earned BAT) is split between you and Brave. You at 70% portion while the other 30% goes to brave.

A Great Gas Crysis

2 Sep 2020 Jelly Fish

04 September 2020
"Cough" ADA , 'Cough' "Cough"

BAT to hit $40?

3 Sep 2020 TurboBurger

04 September 2020
next Bitcoin? I highly doubt that BAT ever reaches Bitcoin levels of cash.....ever. I am a huge BAT fanboy, but never gonna happen.

VID – a new social network that rewards its users

1 Sep 2020 Moj Kripto

03 September 2020
Although this is a little concerning from the terms of use "Although Vid will not be liable for losses caused by any unauthorized use of Your Vid Account, You may be liable for the losses of Vid or others due to unauthorized use. You must notify us immediately of unauthorized use"

VID – a new social network that rewards its users

1 Sep 2020 Moj Kripto

03 September 2020
me too i have been trying for a week, Same with SoMee so it might be restricted

State of the project: Newsletter from Pascal blockchain.

2 Sep 2020 Dzoelx

02 September 2020
Interesting project :) Your coin would make sense for Publish0x to look into if its a low fee transfer. Do you guys have any media packages for advertising? I'll help spread the word on twitter ;)

Payday is tomorrow! Here are some things you can do with your BAT, ETH and LRC!

30 Aug 2020 MadMaxx

31 August 2020
You are legit the best author on here in my opinion. Every time you call something it happens. If i ever formally learn to trade, i'm joining your group 100%

DeFi & The Altcoin "Season" - What's Next?

29 Aug 2020 Thomas Wolf

29 August 2020
I wont touch DeFi.....I cant wait for the house of cards to collapse when all of the Shitcoins and Shit projects dump. All of DeFi is not a scam or a waste of time, but if i have to jump through hoops to find reliable projects to invest in i'm not doing it. Uniswap being the perfect example of a shitcoin shiller. Yam should have been a lesson for all but, zoom.....right over peoples heads lol.

BAT - known current problem with Brave Rewards (the "July bug")

19 Aug 2020 schinkenspeck

21 August 2020
It happened on IOS toto me also. Every once in a while i notice that i stop getting ads, so i go into the settings on both browser or phone and change the ads per hour to 1 and exit the wallet. Then i go back right after and change it back to 5 ads per hour, and it usually resolves itself and starts sending me ads again. Don't know if it will work for everyone, but it does for me.

BAT destined for mainstream success

18 Aug 2020 TurboBurger

19 August 2020
Yup, Brave is going to be a lot bigger than I think people know.

Your 101 Guide to Cardano Cryptocurrency (ADA)

14 Aug 2020

15 August 2020
IOHK is the name

TikTok Banned in the US

9 Aug 2020 CryptoFinally

10 August 2020
Thank frigging god. Even Anonymous said it was spyware garbage, and to delete it immediately.

Sorry Vitalik But Defi Users Are Not Emotionally Attached to Ethereum

7 Aug 2020 Yaki Moto

09 August 2020

$WHALE is making waves.

7 Aug 2020 brucethegoose.eth

08 August 2020
You need to do a YouTube video. Point being that im a pretty typical person, I immediately went to YouTube to check if there was anybody else talking about this. If I don't see Human engagement, I wont Invest. Otherwise sounds interesting and nice write up.

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Brave iOS Beta!

14 hours ago 1 minute read comments Cje95

The Brave team has done a fantastic job at building their chrome based browser for desktops/laptops. The mobile application though has always been pretty far behind and while you can download the Brave browser on your phone it is far from a smooth tr...

ada usd-usdt analysis x canal

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    Hello friends. I wanted to analyze it by looking at ADA USDT from a different window and an interesting situation came up. analysis window x channels. While the first wing of X appears as a drop channel, we see the other wing as an upward channe...

IOTA's Dreams For a Simpler Crypto World

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more advanced, smart devices require quick and simple ways to make payments and transfer data between each other. This has been difficult to achieve with blockchain due to issues of scalability, complexity, and...

Long term altcoins portfolio

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There are now thousands of digital assets listed on the various exchanges. Let's take as a reference a new user who decides to approach this world and suppose that he wanted to have, on some digital assets, a long-term strategic exposure. Which of th...

Price Analysis | BTC, BAT, BNB and ETH: More downside or relief for altcoins?

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A friendly reminder that every set up in this post is given in my telegram group with entry, exit and stop loss placement. Check here if you're interested! Hello and welcome to another analysis. I've been absent from Publish0x for about 5 days now, m...

The Newest Paying Decentralized Social Media(XTM)

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Hello friends and haters,time goes by and it never waits for you. Every day there is always something new that the world publishes.Technology is running very fast since the launch of blockchain technology on the ground. Everything has become decentra...

Brave Creator Rewards Option: Which to chose Fiat or BAT

16 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Cje95

This morning I received an email from Uphold that reminded me that I could receive my Brave Creator Referral Bonus as either my local fiat currency (USD) or as BAT tokens. As a firm believer in Brave, it has been easy for me to kept it set to BAT how...

From cat currencies and million dollar pizza's, to Japans virtual currency girls

16 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments TronSexy

From cat currencies and million dollar pizza's, to Japans virtual currency girls, the world of crypto is strange, beguiling, exhilarating, and if your financially involved, sometimes terrifying. For some of the more bizarr...

Brave browser New update and my pros and cons

16 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Dipendra

Hello Guys :-D This is known fact that every publishOx user using Brave browser And i am also using since November 2019 and i loved it day by day and i am addicted of it whatever i want to search on internet i use brave means i am using it 100%,  So...

What is the most used digital payment method? (Spoiler: Neither BTC nor PayPal)

15 Sep 2020 5 minute read comments Roberto D.

If you are passionate about cryptocurrencies, you have surely heard the name Tether by now. A few days ago the daily value of the exchanges of this cryptocurrency born in 2014, from the intuition of the Italian Giancarlo Devasini, would have overtake...



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