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Crypto Experiment: 12 weeks of hard work for my Binance Coin (BNB)

9 Nov 2020 PVMihalache

10 November 2020
Hey dont sell your Alpha i hav e Dived in and looked up the project and I will not sell mine at even 1x value its in my euros a solid project so this is not ”financial advice as we all have to say😂” but DYOR and u going to see😉 and Certik is no shit coin what I’ve heard but don’t know mere than that about it :) Happy farming!

R.I.P To Joker Nr: 666 ( Please don't do this misstake! )

5 Nov 2020 RJAllDayTV

05 November 2020
The way you write, you also do not seem to be English-speaking, so you should probably be quiet yourself.

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