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Top-notch!! Handmade chocolates in the US

25 Jan 2020 Way Beyond Pad Thai

25 January 2020
Mmmm foood, great post.

Visit Portugal - Melgaço

24 Jan 2020 portugal

24 January 2020
Great video, I can't wait to visit Portugal.

Splinterlands - Blockchain Card Game - earn DEC/ETH

24 Jan 2020 TrocProcLock

24 January 2020
Steemmonsters aka splinterland is a fun game to play on your free time.

2 Types of Crypto Wallet

24 Jan 2020 2gen

24 January 2020
I rock the ledger nano s, I wouldn't love without it

Mālama Mushroom chocolate

24 Jan 2020 Way Beyond Pad Thai

24 January 2020
Looks yummy, thanks for the post

Reasons to never use your exchange as a wallet

13 Jan 2020 X-51

24 January 2020
Not your wallet, not your money. At least one exchange closes from getting hacked every year. North Korea loves to hack for cheap profits

Review: Ether Kingdoms... it might just be quicker to dig your own grave

22 Jan 2020 X-51

23 January 2020
Great post, exposing another scam game on the chain. Your trash talking is really entertaining.

Why Facebook cryptocurrency "GlobalCoin" has nothing to do with Bitcoin?

22 Jan 2020 bestdaro

23 January 2020
Suckerberg stole Facebook, I would be surprised if he ever thought of anything himself. Obviously stealing Facebook from the twins was his only smart move he decided to do.

Peter Schiff Forgot His Passwords and Blaming Bitcoin For This!!!

22 Jan 2020 andreaskanel

23 January 2020
Boomer is going to boom, not a surprise to the youth

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