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3 way to receive free bitcoin on Lightning Network every day

5 Oct 2020 limontec

12 October 2020
Any difficulties withdrawing from ads4satoshi lately ?

Free BANANO NFTs are Here! MonKeyprinter go BRRR!

19 Sep 2020 banano

24 September 2020
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TxStreet: BTC and ETH Transaction Visualization

11 Aug 2020 FarewelltoMinds

13 August 2020
thx for sharing this!

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

25 July 2020
Best crypto, best community! ban_3t9k7maocihawshbq6yaykkw91ubp3s4ttcuuxr4sams537t7e5oam3bzsdp - Check How Much Money You Wasted On Gas

17 Jul 2020 boyka

25 July 2020
Looks like a good product!

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Is it Too Late to Invest in Bitcoin?

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This is a question that people have been asking themselves, since the beginning of the crypto revolution. Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin? I will come right out and say it, just so you know my opinion while reading the rest of the article. No, it...

ATRI .... a very positive surprise

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One of the strongest relationships that exist in the crypto space is formed by online games and the concept of relating this digital interaction with rewards formed by tokens of different nature. The very idea of creating an interactive environment t...

Why I will quit playing Splinterlands (for now) 😔

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2020 was a difficult year for me and I didn't found much time to be active on Hive & Co. but I still played Splinterlands on a quite regular basis. It was one of those Dapps that I really liked right from the beginning and I enjoyed playing it all th...

Smart contracts: what they are, what they are for and why they are revolutionary

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We often talk (and I have mentioned them too) of smart contracts. However, a doubt arose: often it is assumed that everyone knows what we are talking about, but how many really know what smart contracts are? Today we will find out together. That we i...

Ethereum 2.0 Will be Here for X-Mas, Yet The Price Doesn't Reflect That.

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Judging from the recent success of the latest Ethereum 2.0 Testnet - dubbed Zinken - it seems that there is a possibility that we might be getting ETH 2.0 as a Christmas present this year! The Zinken testnet, birthed from a failure of the previous Sp...

Belgian League | Stats Analysis (How To Beat The Market!)

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While most Sports Bettors look at the widely available numbers and statistics for their betting, I make my own based on the actual Asian handicap line to help me identify which teams are actually undervalued or overvalued. I took some time to do an a...

Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $11,200 Support (TA - 13th of October)

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Bitcoin (BTC) has broken out from a crucial resistance level and validated it as support afterward.   After a possible short-term decrease, the price is expected to resume its upward movement. BTC Trading Range The Bitcoin price has been increasing s...

Cryptowriter: Hardware Wallets - Tragic Flaws & Alternatives

12 Oct 2020 9 minute read comments Thomas Wolf

Any form of an advanced safe, digital or otherwise, is only as strong as the person holding the keys.  The best defense is a good offense, and the best offense is common sense.“Common sense is not so common.” ~Voltaire            Like many people, I’...


7 Oct 2020 4 minute read comments SirGerardThe1st

With so much news, projects, protocols, and FOMO craziness on the blockchain, we are in danger of losing the forest for looking at some trees. We are witnessing and being part of a gigantic revolution in our lives, which is generically called “blockc...

3 way to receive free bitcoin on Lightning Network every day

5 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments limontec

You guys maybe know the Lightning Network, a brief summary: "layer 2 payment protocol that operates on top of Bitcoin, fast payments with microtransactions and low fees". Now I'll list 3 way you can receive free bitcoin if you have a Bitcoin Wallet w...